5 Back To School Health Tricks

25 Aug 2015

Going back to school is bittersweet – it’s exciting because you’re tan from summer and happy to see all your friends, but it’s also stressful because it usually doesn’t allow for the healthiest habits. Whether you’re in high school, college, have kids going back to school or anywhere in between, these 5 back to school health tricks will help you navigate the winter cravings for comfort food and the busier days that lie ahead.


  1. Add meal planning and working out to your schedule.
    If you find it more difficult to stick to your healthy habits the busier you get, know that you’re not alone. That’s why, instead of fighting your busy schedule, it’s time to learn how to make health part of your schedule. If you’re always too tired in the evenings to work out, then work out before school or at lunch. Schedule days to make meals for the week and use the weekends to meal plan.  Fitting health into your schedule is all about identifying your current habits and planning out health just like you would studying. For help with creating a grocery list that will inspire you to plan healthy meals, check out my Healthy Grocery List Blog post or try making my favorite Mason Jar Salad to take to school.
  2. Pack multiple snacks.
    Snacking can be one of the most difficult parts of being healthy. Sure you are all about your goals when you wake up in the morning, but then your friend or co-worker brings cupcakes and it all seems impossible.  To combat this, try bringing your own snacks. This can be really fun if you get creative with the things you normally crave. Try making some of my bliss balls for a sweet snack in the afternoon, and make some popcorn seasoned with a little salt and cayenne for a savory morning treat. You won’t be nearly as tempted by someone else’s unhealthy snack if you have a delicious, healthy snack of your own.
  3. Eat whole grains, vegetables and vegetable protein before a test. 
    Whole grains, like whole wheat bread, quinoa or whole wheat flour pancakes, will give you sustained energy for a few hours before and during your exam.  Proteins like tofu, quinoa, or edamame will help fill you up without making you feel sluggish during your exam. Finally, veggies will give you a ton of fiber to keep you full and the different colors will nourish your brain! The combo is perfect to stay focused and alert in order to best perform! If you need some ideas, try making my Vegan Sushi Rolls with quinoa or the Vegan Wraps pictured above to take with you before that big exam.
  4. Carry a water bottle. 
    Oftentimes, remembering to drink enough water can be one of the biggest difficulties with going back to school. If you forget to bring a water bottle to class, there’s not a lot you can do until class is over. That’s why it’s important to invest in a reusable water bottle or jar so that you can easily stay hydrated without having to pay for – and throw away – plastic bottles. One of my new FAVORITE water bottles is S’well. It keeps your cold drinks super cold for 24 hours, and keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours. It’s amazing, I highly recommend purchasing one. For a more exciting way to drink water, try cutting up some lemons or putting a few types of berries in your bottle for the day. Just put any fruits you want in your water to refrigerate overnight and refill the bottle all day long! For more information, check out my video on how to make detox videos 🙂
  5. Dress your best.
    This trick is more mental than anything. When we don’t feel good about how we look, it’s harder to feel good and want to treat your body well. That’s why dressing your nicest or putting a little extra effort in the morning to look (and feel) our best can go a long way towards helping you fight stress-related cravings and keep up your healthy habits.

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