5 Ways To Feel More Fulfilled In Life

29 Oct 2018

“Are you fulfilled in life?”

This is such a simple question, yet it normally does not have a very simple answer. However, before I get into the spiritual and emotional aspect of this question, as well as the 5 ways to feel more fulfilled in life, let me take you back to what made me decide to write about this.

Yesterday, I was in a yoga class when the teacher asked us what we seek in our life and what was our intention for that practice. Whenever you are setting an intention, wether it’s in yoga, as a daily practice, or if you are trying to achieve a goal, I always recommend to choose the FIRST thing that comes to mind. The beauty in this, is that choosing the very first thing that comes up is typically exactly what you need in that moment. We just tend to overthink, or let the monkey mind take charge, and tell us that our answer was wrong and we begin to second guess ourselves.

My very first thought for what do I seek in life and want to put as my intention for my yoga practice? It was like my mind quietly screamed at me:

f u l f i l l e d

During the whole yoga class I began pondering what fulfillment actually means and when you know that you have it. Is it a state of being? Doing? Is it happiness that comes from achieving a goal? Or is it simply being present in the moment and feeling content? Whatever the answer is (and I do believe all of these are correct, depending on who you ask), I realized that I was not fully certain of my own fulfillment in my life.

Now, I am incredibly happy with who I am, my spiritual journey, my friends, family, career, and all that I’m doing. On a day to day basis I feel very fulfilled – or so I think. But it did make me wonder where I am fulfilled and where I might be needing a little extra TLC towards my life. So I decided to meditate and see what came up and low and behold, I found myself rushing to the computer to share ways to help you all feel more fulfilled, including a little worksheet that I created today.

I do believe these will work to help you achieve your dreams, attract the love you want, or to be happier in your daily life. The main thing to remember? You have to do the work to see the results. So download my handout, answer the questions, and start doing the other tips I share to see results immediately!

5 ways to feel more fulfilled in life

  1. Do a gratitude journal. For one week, write down 5 things each day (morning or night) that you are grateful for. They can be as big or small as you want. Examples can include: I am grateful for the roof over my head, for spending time with my children and laughing today, for eating a healthy meal, for meditating, etc.
  2. Question yourself. The guide I have created is a great way to start seeing where you already feel happy and content (and even might not know it) and also challenges you to think about what you really need. Very similar to the gratitude journal, this helps you to see what is going well in your life and what additions you can make. Download the Fulfilled worksheet
  3. Prioritize your time. Give your attention to those who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself. There’s no point in spending energy sucks, or those who you keep putting off. When you start to filter where you spend your time, you’ll find that you actually get more done and feel good about each person you see.
  4. Set limits on social media. There’s no faster way to feel bad about yourself then sitting on social media and falling into the comparison vortex. Combating this is easy: set the night mode on your phone from 10pm until 8am and you won’t get notifications during this time. Put your phone away an hour before bed and use the first hour in the morning to focus on you, which can be journaling, meditating, getting ready for work. Putting limits on what notifications you receive and how long you spend on your phone dramatically improve your happiness and fulfillment in your own life
  5. Channel your energy into a creative outlet. When was the last time you did something that you enjoy, such as singing or drawing, and did it out of pure enjoyment? Think about what you used to love as a kid as a starting point, or something that you’d like to learn, then begin by signing up for a class, joining a meet up group, or picking up an old passion. Doing this will help you to feel creative, expressive and find happiness in something outside of your day to day life.



I’d love to know if any of this resonates with you. Do you already do the things on the list or are there other ways you swear by? Drop me a line below and share!


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