6 Things I'm Loving At The Moment

31 Oct 2014

It’s been FAR too long since I’ve done a post like this. Each week I discover new products (both health related and not) and I want to tell you all about them! Funny how life gets in the way of work. Lol. Anyways, enough excuses…it’s time for anther round of Things I’m Loving at the Moment!

Now if you’re like me, finding cool awesome products make your day. I’m a sucker for fashion and have some amazing new things, but I will go into those on a later post as I’m adding a whole new section to my site on travel/fashion. For now, I’ll stick with things that have sparked my eye.

  1. JOE’S INSENCE in orange blossom, liliac, and jasmine. I love my apartment smelling nice and therefore am a complete sucker for candles. I recently was in the Joe’s (Jeans) store and saw this diffuser at the checkout. It smelled SO amazing! I asked if it gives off a good scent because I’m sure you’ve been there- getting one of these things only to find out it doesn’t give off any smell other than if you’re nearly eating the sticks. Well, this one is ah-ma-zing! It seriously smells up my whole place with such beautiful scents and each morning I wake up I am happy. Seriously one of the better products I’ve gotten recently!Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.55.25 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.55.31 AM
  2. CHEWABLE VITAMIN B SUPPLEMENTS. I love vitamin B supplements; they give you energy, boosts mood, enhances brain function, supports your immune system, slows aging, helps lower depression, improves sleep…and many more! I recently discovered the chewable kind though and am hooked. I know I could take the pill format but for some reason I really enjoy chewing these each morning (20 minutes after my lemon water of course). They are sweetened with xylitol and stevia. I feel like a kid having them and it just makes them that much easier to take, aside from all the other supplements I swallow each morning.
  3. COCOA BEANS. Coffee lover? Try this! I’m all for one cup of coffee in the morning, but when I want to have that morning routine with a brewed cup sans the caffeine I go to this stuff. I also do half coffee, half brewed cocoa beans for a chocolate coffee. I always recommend using this stuff if you are trying to get off so much coffee (or about to start my detox if you’re having a hard time giving up the caffeine). It brews the exact same as coffee…so win, win.
  4. FLOWERS. For me, having flowers is an indulgence, but one that I’m willing to spend a bit of money each week. They perk up my mood, bring color to my house and when I’m sitting here doing work, they help to bring a bit of calmness into my life. Flowers are nothing new or extraordinary that you haven’t heard of, but they can be a small indulgence that helps to bring you sunshine, especially going into these colder months.url
  5. CHALKBOARD MUGS. Surrrriously, love these. Each morning I write something inspirational to myself for the day. It’s a fun way to get you ready for the day, say something sweet to a loved one or just be a kid again IMG_8940and draw using chalk.
  6. PANA CHOCOLATE. I was fortunate enough to receive a box of choccies from this Australian company and can I say, um WOW! I wasn’t going to eat any as I’m trying to be very good about my dark chocolate consumption (I mean really- do I NEED a whole bar of dark chocolate multiple nights a week?! Obviously the answer is yes haha) however, I gave in and nearly ate the whole box they were THAT good. Sadly they are only available in OZ for now (unless you pay a pretty hefty shipping charge) but I spoke with the owners and they are bringing it overseas very soon. Yas!f694ba6bc16356c64ba37a5594118cd8

BTW- Happy Halloween!



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