A Story of Motivation: Oscar

14 Jan 2013

My name is Oscar. I live south east of Phoenix, Az for the past 7 years. Before that I grew up and lived in southern California. I am 41 years old been married since I was 19 and have two daughters, 20 and 16, plus a 6 year old english bulldog named Diesel.

I have always been a big boy. When I was in third grade I was nicked named burrito man, I loved my burritos!  The older I got the less active I got and the more I rewarded myself with food! In 2009 I finally got so big that I just wasn’t happy! (418 at my biggest) Getting up off the couch was a challenge! I decided I was going to make a change to try and be healthier.

The 1st two and 1/4 years where tough, but I started to exercise and cut my intake…but not really change eating habits. I had lost about 80 pounds.  Then at the end of March this year one of my Facebook friends suggested I do this #Bamfitapril challenge for Instagram. I was very hesitant as I had been doing this all on my own and felt like I wasn’t going any further than those 80lbs! But once I got on Instagram!?! I started to meet people everyday that where on the same journey as my self! I started to learn that’s its not just exercising but what I use for fuel.

Along the way I met amazing people just like Nikki! And as I learned that just like I get motivation from others… I started to motive others. I would never thought that could be possible!! But that keeps me going! I have to be better and keep going to help others as others have help me. I learned that we all fall, we all have roadblocks, we all have our own demons! But we are all on the same journey, just on different paths! So when I find someone on my path? I extend my arm, give my hand, and do what I can to help! Whether its to give words of encouragement or just make someone smile with something silly! But if I can do it!?! So can you!

I have 4 pics I shared…one is at my heaviest(418), two was in January of this year and the last two are from November, where I am at the lightest I have been since 1990! And me wearing a XL shirt (started out a 5X) everyday from that point forward I am in the best shape of my life! Can’t wait to see what the coming year brings!!


You can follow Oscar on Instagram at: @BPO316

3 Responses

  1. muriel sharp says:

    That’s a lovely post!

  2. So inspirational, isn’t it! He became a close friend on Instagram 🙂

  3. mariana says:

    Good job friend!! Great story!


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