A Well Desereved Rest Day

14 Apr 2015

IMG_5102 Today we finally were able to sleep in. And by sleep in I mean I woke up at 7am, but that was still a total feat considering we’ve been getting up at 5.30am. It was stressed to us to rest and relax, so I made the choice to not to do any yoga, although a few of the girls were up and at it, doing their morning practice for an hour. My body was telling me otherwise, begging me to take a break, so it was a definitely a welcomed day of relaxation.

A small group of us gals chose to walk around the island and go explore. The island is 1km wide and 2km long, so in reality you wouldn’t think it would take that long to walk…however it takes 2 hours to do the full thing. Our walk took us 1 hour as we didn’t want to do the full island, and instead enjoyed all the restaurants and cute bars on the side of the island by the beach. This island is actually really, really amazing. I didn’t really understand that because we are in the middle of it, in a place surrounded by trees and nature with sounds of the water. Walking around today was seriously cool and made me realize how much of a gem this island is. They are doing a ton of construction so in the next few years it won’t be as sweet as it is now, however at the moment, the locals are beyond friendly, there are cows and chickens just walking through the roads like humans, and there are not many tourists.IMG_5159

We made it to Karma, a nice restaurant that is also the most expensive one on the restaurant, sat down and ordered our breakfast, which we knew would take “Island Time.” Island time means that everything takes forever when it comes to food service. You order a smoothie that in reality takes a few minutes to chop the fruit and blend, but it can take up to 30 minutes to get delivered. Our food during lunches takes a good hour, no matter where you go and if it’s busy or not. Anyways, I ordered a fruit salad and a cucumber, basil and lime smoothie. Well, I was sadly very disappointed. I can truthfully say, do not order fruit plates on this island; Bali I’m not sure…but here, it was about $5 (which is nothing in western world, but a LOT here) for 3 pieces of fruit. My smoothie was great, after I had them remake it as I didn’t think they would put sugar in it (but it seems they do for every smoothie here… why, I’m not so sure, because they have such beautiful fruits that are so fresh!). Karma is a restaurant on the island which is known for being fresh, local, and really good clean food. However, it’s CRAZY prices. Most meals we are paying MAX $4 (50,000 rupiah) for a pineapple juice and lunch plate and water. I paid $11 (or 140,000 rupiah) for a smoothie and tiny, tiny plate of fruit. The food isn’t that amazing either, sadly.IMG_5340

It was then off to Gili T, where 7 of us girls hired a boat to take us the 4 minute journey and pick us up. Once there it’s like being in a completely different place. There are donkey carts constantly running up and down the street, there are tons of tourists and locals on bikes and there are so many shops. It felt like a very touristy place and made me very happy to be on an island where there is next to nothing. We looked around at all the shops, I bought a swimsuit which was a whole $67, yet in rupiah was 899,000 and that is a LOT out here. Then it was on to finding a place to lie on sunbeds, order mocktails (oh how I’m missing a real cocktail!), and just gossip in the sun. The thing about today was that it was so nice to relax, not think about yoga, meditation and just be girls. It was also hard in a way, because it means we have to start all over again tomorrow, getting up at 5.30am and starting another 6 days of intense practice.IMG_5124

The day ended up being absolutely lovely and just what I needed. It was calming, fun, a lot of sunshine, which is the first real day we’ve had of it, swimming in the pool, in the ocean, and just being grateful for time off. The day ended with a boat ride back to Gili Meno where we sat on the beach and tried to watch the sunset, although it hid behind the clouds. It gave me the chase to get to know these beautiful girls on a more deeper level as we had the time to gossip about boys, our lives back home, what we like about the course, what we are learning and everything else that girls talk about. It’s making me seriously appreciate the people that I’m with as well as the fact that I’ve made the decision to come out here.IMG_5352

Today was also the first day where I was seriously missing my boyfriend though, because we had all this time to sit there and think, rather than be busy with our practice. Normally during the day our mind is filled with our breathing, meditation, the asana practice, learning about yoga philosophy, and the like. It’s been an interesting thing, to be away on a secluded island with girls you don’t know, yet feel so beyond connected to, while leaving your own life to wait for your return. I have had such mixed emotions about being gone. On one hand it’s made me so grateful that I have chosen this path, one of health, one of bettering myself and one of sharing my knowledge with others. The other side is that it has been lonely and has made me miss things in my life I didn’t realize that I would. I can tell I’m already growing so much in this time, yet it’s hard to say exactly how. What I did realize on our day off was that I want to share everything with those I love and that is really what the human experience is about, isn’t it?

IMG_5088Anyways… I sit here at 7.30pm absolutely exhausted, very sunburnt but tan (yes!), and ready to start the week. I know this week will get even more intense and I’m scared, nervous, excited, and happy. This week has been an emotional rollercoaster with so many ups and downs. I’ve cried many times, I’ve laughed a ton; I’ve gotten so down on myself, and also felt amazingly happy. We will see what the next two weeks bring!

With Love, Nikki




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  1. Nina says:

    Just curious, but was any of those girls a follower of yours, before you met? 🙂

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