Are you feeling BURNT OUT?

20 Mar 2018

I’ve missed you. I truly have. Alas, there was a big reason why I needed to take a break and stop blogging and emailing for a while. This was because of feeling burnt out 🙁

It’s something that I’ve been feeling for a year now, and I know a LOT of you are also feeling it. I keep getting constant comments from my friends who work 9-5 jobs, those who are entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, influencers, and huge authors. And the consensus I’m getting from everyone is that…

People are burnt out and tired. Myself included, are overworked and feeling the stresses of social media.

It seems like something has shifted and social media is not longer ‘fun’ like it used to be. It’s making us feel like we have to keep up 24/7. And this started weighing on me after I did my social detox last year. I came back and just couldn’t get myself fully into the grind and hustle.


Me and my friend Kerri in SF, prior to our trip to Africa!

It wasn’t making me happy. I felt I had lost my purpose and my value.

So I traveled. A lot. 15 trips to be specific all over the world. I traveled to learn what would make me happy and content. I flew to Paris (see main image) and dyed my hair brown to figure out this shift in me! (More on that later!)

I started spending more time working with companies as a consultant and less time on my personal stuff.

And I took a bit of time away from my own brand, to really understand what I wanted to do, versus currently doing. I also had this BIG THING in the works called my 2nd book coming out(!) and had to mentally prepare for this.

My life also started shifting away from what I was posting and presenting on social to wanting to speak my truth. My throat chakra (let me know if you want more info on the Chakras!) was SUPER blocked because there are some big things I haven’t told you. I was too scared too. It’s taken my years to be able to share this with people. But… That will come soon, I promise.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some things for you if you’ve been feeling burned out and overwhelmed. These are tools that I have learned along the way and have tremendously helped me!


  • Put your phone away by 10pm (latest) at night, put it on airplane mode and don’t turn it on again until 7am
  • Get an oil diffuser for your room and set this up with lavender oil when you’re going to sleep
  • Get into nature once a day, even if it’s a 5 minute walk outside without your phone
  • Schedule workouts, friend time, phone calls to family, etc. in your calendar like you would a meeting
  • Make it a point to see a friend at least 2x a week – we spend so much time online and not enough in person
  • Write down what you are grateful for in a journal every morning or night when you go to sleep

Another good thing to remember is that even those who look like they have the perfect like on IG (I get this comment a lot), DON’T! We all deal with life stresses, so stop comparing yourself!

I hope that this post helps you to 1) know that you’re not alone if you’ve been feeling this way and 2) use the tips to combat feeling burnt out!



PS- if you want to see a few fun things that I have managed to post on my travels check them out here. I do hope to get more travel posts/videos up soon! ✈️
Venice, Italy photo journal (blog post) + What to do when visiting
My volunteering trip to Africa (video)
2nd video from Africa (video)

This is me teaching yoga to the kids & staff where me and my friend Kerri stayed!

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  1. RedSportsCar says:

    Thank you for the great advice, Nikki. I truly believe what’s going on right now with ‘the socials’ and the constant electronic stimulation, is one of the largest social experiments ever conducted on a (willing!!) population. I don’t think anyone knows how it’s going to turn out. It may be inevitable.

    I do crave peace and tranquility free of that, very often. I hope you managed to find some of that peace on your travels.

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