Valentine’s Day… which side are you on?

Hi my loves, Valentines Day, which is around the corner, brings about feelings of love for some and irritation for others. Which camp are you in? I used to hate... Read More

Lessons For A Better 2021

Hello my loves, It’s been a minute since I came on here and so today I wanted to share a small update on the end of last year + lessons for a better 2021.... Read More

Why Your Deodorant Is So Bad For You

Hi my loves! A couple weeks ago I shared a bit about the dangers of using ‘regular’ deodorants and I was surprised to see how many questions you all... Read More

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Hello my beautiful friends! I’m super excited to be sharing this today as I’ve been working very hard over the past few months sourcing and testing ... Read More

Money Lessons The Hard Way (Finance Journey – Part II)

Hello beautiful friends! I’m quite excited to share part two of my financial journey and money lessons the hard way that I’ve learned, mainly becaus... Read More

Beginning My Finance Journey

Hello my loves. This post has been a LONG time coming. I have been thinking about this topic for a while and wanted to share with you all, but didn’t beca... Read More
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