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08 Jul 2015

If you ever dream of having delicious food, meeting awesome people, and being at an inspiring place then Ubud is for you. After my yoga teacher training in Bali I headed up to Ubud which is the epicenter of health and wellness. I was very curious to see what all the buzz was about as I had so many people telling me that this was THE spot to go. Once I was in Ubud the name “Alchemy” kept coming up and for good reason!

I had the opportunity to head out there at meet the owners, manager and the staff along with trying some incredible food. I mean really, like trying almost everything on the menu.

Sadly, Alchemy is only in Bali (for the moment, that is. I’m still trying to convince them to start a world domination!). The good news? If you find yourself in this neck of the woods then you are in luck for some of the best food you will ever eat along with an awesome place to hangout and work or meet new people.


So what do you order when you are in Heaven? i.e. Alchemy? Well, let’s get started! First off, you must order the Luscious Lips smoothie. This has dragon fruit in it which is always a winner {above}. I also highly recommend getting the Jamu Jamu. This is one of those magical elixirs that everyone drinks in Bali. They promote it as being the cure for many things, only as a natural way rather than the western way of drugs. So what’s in this elixir? For starters, turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory and helps to battle silent inflammation in the body (think Alzheimers, heart disease and various cancers. Honey, which again is an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent, fresh ginger, and coconut water. Served with a bamboo straw, this was one of my favorite morning rituals.


One of the best parts of Alchemy (okay, well I say best but really EVERYTHING they serve is the best) is their breakfast bar. Sadly I didn’t get a photo of this but I will just tell you that it’s pretty amazing. You start off by choosing the smoothie you want, then add fruit, nuts, seeds, granola and so many options. I mean, like SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Can I just have them all please?! On the photo below I opted for papaya, dragon fruit and banana along with the buckwheat granola and coconut whipped cream. Served with a dragon fruit smoothie and a green juice and wow, best. breakfast. ever.





They also serve ready-made smoothie jars that have fruit, nuts and seeds, oats, coconut whipped cream and other goodies. I mean, genius, right? I found myself photographing everything so much because of the vibrant colors, which not only makes it appealing to your eyes but means it’s tremendously beneficial to your health.


Then it was on to desserts. Everyone loves a good dessert, right? However, because I’m a food blogger I told them I needed to try all of the raw cakes in order to make a correct judgement of which one was best. (Top secret but I just wanted to eat LOTS of their raw cakes!) I tried the black forrest chocolate cake, vanilla and raspberry jam cake, and the banoffee pie. Which one was best???




Well dear friend, I’m so glad you asked! THEY ALL WERE. Seriously. I kept thinking I liked the first one more. Then I would take a bite of the banoffee pie and decide that one melted my heart. Then the vanilla and jam one filled the spot. SO… my point being if you head to Alchemy then you kind of need to just eat all of these. I mean, it’s your choice if you do it one one sitting like me or go there a few times…. hmmm…. while you’re at it, try all the other desserts too. Nom Nom Nom.



Alchemy serves so many deliciously amazing  juices. I really just wish my fridge had these in it every  morning. I tried them all and you really can’t go wrong with any! I personally love a green juice but my go-to was the cocobiotic, which is so refreshing.


Julz and myself drinking out smoothies and juice prior to my holistic treatment at Alchemy.


Although it might seem I only indulged in breakfast and desserts, but really I tried just about everything on the menu. Trust me, you will too. Their salads are pretty much to die for as you get to add whatever you want on it…. so yes. Um, perfection.


I ordered their sushi which is all raw and pretty amazing as well. It’s served with a dipping sauce and a miso soup. So, so good!


My overall thoughts on Alchemy? It’s pretty much worth it to book a trip to Bali just to try this place. There is not a single thing on the menu I tried that I did not like, honestly. Even if you are not raw, vegan then I promise you will still like this place as it has SO many options. While speaking to them, I learned they are opening a hotel that attaches to the restaurant that will have a yoga studio and pool. I just can’t. Take me back now! (On a side note, I have been asked to teach a few yoga classes when I return, so I’ll keep you all posted!)

Have you been here? What is your favorite thing on the menu?

With Love, N

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  1. Jen Marie says:

    Wow! This place sounds unreal! So yummy, colorful, and healthy! I want to visit just to do yoga and eat here. You’ve done a beautiful job reviewing your trip, I can’t wait to book a trip here in the next year. Thanks, beautiful!

  2. Sophie Jones says:

    This is what made me fall in love with Bali when I first visited coming from Costa Rica. My home is nice and healthy, yet where I now live in Ubud it’s just so much more me and so much healthier!

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