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30 Nov 2015

5D8A0026If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love Bali. The first time I went there in March for my yoga teacher training (check out my thoughts on the certificate here), I was supposed to be there for three weeks and ended up staying two months! There is something beautiful in the people, the culture, the food, and the way life happens. Gone is the rush, rush of all those things you “need” to do, instead, it’s replaced with a feeling of calmness and wanting to enjoy every last second that happens. This past trip to Bali took me to various hotels, such as The Bale, which was a stunning location down in Nusa Dua. Next it was off to the touristy area of Seminyak to stay at The Layar, which was beyond fun (I mean private pool and a unicorn floaty? Yes please and thank you!). After that I got to experience the jungle at the Chedi Club, a place that you pretty much don’t want to leave as you feel so connected to nature. I then decided to spend some time at Yoga Barn, one of the coolest yoga joints in town. You get people from all walks of life who come to experience the food, yoga, meditation, and spiritual epicenter in Ubud. I was given the opportunity to review Fivelements, a beautiful wellness retreat/hotel and see what all the hype is about! My last few nights were spent in Uluwatu, which is surfer’s paradise as there are beautiful waves and hotels sitting up top the cliffside. I did all of this in 12 days, which passed far too quickly!

I took so many photos in Bali that I wanted to share them through my photo journal, so you too, can experience what this beautiful place has to offer.

If you are thinking about heading there, be sure to check out my Essential Bali Travel Tips.

Hope you love the photos.

With Love, N xx

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Photo Credit:

Dekko Photography

Diana Zapata Photography

Donny Wu with Sweet Escape

Myself 🙂

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