Why Am I Going To Bali?!

25 Feb 2015

It’s been a crazy whirlwind the past month of getting my life sorted to head out to….BALI, for one whole month! Many years ago I had a desire to go out there for a yoga teacher training after a friend did it and had nothing but amazing things to say. I let the thought go while I was modeling, then living in London and doing the corporate thing, and then finally creating my own company.

Completely out of the blue, this past December the idea floated back into my head. For a week I couldn’t get it out of my mind and began thinking that NOW was the time to get going, just do it and stop making excuses of time and money. I researched all the different yoga teacher training retreats in Bali and finally decided on one that is on an island that has no cars and is quite isolated. Sounds perfect, right? Anyways, it is interesting that going to Bali for the yoga teacher training came into my mind right at this time in my life. I think it’s because I’ve gotten more spiritual in the past few years and have learned to listen to my body, thoughts and believe in the universe to create the right decisions at the right time. So it’s pretty fitting to be going now.

bali-94-of-687_hdrefx This was all during the end of December. I did my application, was accepted, and paid the deposit. Then something came up and I wasn’t sure I would be able to go, so I held off on paying the full amount in case I needed to go at a later time. Finally after a few weeks, I decided that I would go, no matter what. So I paid in full, bought my plane ticket, hotel, and boat transfer to the island. Scary and totally exciting! I leave March 3 and get to enjoy a 25 hour trip, first stopping in Tapei for a 3 hour layover after a 14.5 hour flight, then another 5 hour flight from Tapei to Bali.

From there, I head out to Gili Meno, one of three islands just off the coast from Bali. It’s the smallest of the three (middle island in photo below) and you can only get there by boat, which takes about 1.5 hours. The island itself is 2km long, and 1km wide…making it pretty darn small! Apparently you can walk around the full island in under two hours, although I think it will be less than that! So either I will get cabin fever or I will never want to leave.


Now I must mention with this yoga training, it is a 200- hour Yoga Alliance program and so after the 3 weeks, I will be a certified yoga instructor. Woohoo! The only thing about this, however, is that before the program we are to read two very intense/in-depth books on yoga and write reports on them. *welp* I have FINALLY finished one of the two, and I leave for Bali in just under a week. It’s time to cram, a la college! ha. Once I get there, we will be doing an intensive course that lasts from quite early in the morning until the evening…I know this will be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, yet also very tiring, hehe.

I’ve been trying to get everything sorted about what I need to take with me, clothing I need to buy (as I hate to admit it, but I only have fancy shmancy workout gear, none of which is cotton, comfortable for wearing for long hours, or yoga themed), and the small things like do I buy sunscreen here, or when I get there. Do I get the shots they recommend, or skip them, as I’ve never had any of those shots while traveling before. That along with getting my house ready for my friend to stay and watch over my kitty cat, who I will miss crazy style, getting everything sorted with work, since I won’t really be responding to emails, and all those other fun things about leaving.

So for the past few weeks, I haven’t been as active on writing blog posts, getting emails responded to immediately nor have I been super active on social media. I have been trying to get everything in order to leave for one month, and possibly longer, depending on if I travel afterwards or not. It’s definitely not easy for anyone to just up, and leave…no matter what your life is now. It’s scary, exciting, we worry about money, we worry about the travel, will we like it, will we get along with people, will it be worth it… for every person it’s the same, no matter if you are going away for a few days, a month, trying something totally new, or movie to a new place.

gili-trawanganWith that, I am going to try to document my whole trip like I used to do with modeling and castings (which you can read here). I’m hoping to also switch off my phone for the first week to really get into the flow of things and appreciate being somewhere new, instead of stressing out about my cat, house, social media, and all the other things that come with leaving for a period of time.

I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes, hopefully more often than not! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get the updates on Bali, since I won’t be adding them on social media quite as often. And also, leave me comments! I love reading them and it also helps to know what you all want to know about this trip + other things.

With Love, Nikki

11 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    The sky is your limit…I will live vicariously through you!
    Safe travels, my friend!

  2. Melli says:

    I love bali! This island healed myself. It changed my life for 180 degrees. I am so blessed and gratefull fo the experiences and people there. In my opinion THE place for getting ur thoughts sorted together,getting an overview,clear mind,gaining powers back…whatever-this place is magic-no wonder they call it the island of gods 😉 wish u all the best for your trip,stay safe and may u find all u want to find there!

  3. Suzann says:

    Nice words nic, good luck, be strong and can’t wait for the feedback! Xx

  4. Julie says:

    That’s so amazing and exciting!! My sister and I are going to Bali at the end of May for a few weeks too. I’ve been following your IG account and love how inspiring and real you are. I can’t wait to hear your account of your stay there. Our trip kinda got planned like yours did. We just said there will always be something stopping us (money, work, etc.) we just gotta go and enjoy it. We are only young once and opportunities don’t always come up like this. So I hope you get what you wanted out of this trip. Best of luck

  5. Eva says:

    Good for you Nikki! You’ll have an amazing time I’m sure. I’m sure it will be the amazing experience you’re hoping for!

  6. Pamela says:

    Wow! You go girl! It is clear to see you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Leaving our comfort zone takes a lot of courage and you are one strong, fearless and independent woman! Good luck with all you do, I’m sure you will do great!
    Best wishes

  7. Leah watson says:

    Yay! You made it!!! So exciting…happy I get to read about your month long journey there! It will be such an amazing learning experience in so many ways. Big catch up when you come back! XO

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