Beat the Weekend Binge

06 Feb 2014

Written by: Bailey Brown

This topic is one that I’m sure many of the babes reading this blog can relate to. I know I can. All week long, you hit the gym, eat healthy and then the weekend rolls around and suddenly you’re acting like you’re the star of woman vs. food. By the time Monday rolls around you feel like ass and have a food hangover, maybe an actual hangover too.binge2

Remember… for every Friday, Saturday & Sunday that you take off from working out & eating healthy, that’s roughly HALF of the MONTH!!! That can measure up to a 4.3 pound weight loss (or gain) in a month. So ladies, lets get a grip on this together.

Why does this happen? There’s a few main reasons that people end up binging on weekends.

1. You’re not following routine: Since most people have a 9-5, Monday to Friday the weekends give you free time. Being out of a routine can mean more time snacking and eating at unstructured meal times, as well as more eating on the go. In this case try and stick to the same structure you follow during the week. Have a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks if you’re a snacker.

2.  You’re too GOOD all week: People think by eating well and working out all week they can treat themselves on the weekend and veg out. While to some degree, yes you should relax, sleep in and eat some yummy (protein) pancakes or have ten a glass of wine, you don’t need to go hog wild. By treating yourself more through the week you can reduce this mindset.

3. You pack your weekend with social gatherings: Okay so I’m a firm believer in never missing anything because you’re “on a diet,” or eating healthy. You should go to these social gatherings, but pick the healthiest thing on the brunch menu or limit your drinking (boring) which results in less additional calories and less binge eating greasy food to get rid of your hangover the next day. Being hungover also means skipping the gym 9 times out of 10.

Additional Tips to Beat the Binge? Here are some tips that can help to keep you on track.

1) Keep a food journal: This way you can identify triggers and see how much damage you’ve done. It also makes you think before you chew.

2) Identify your triggers: Do you always splurge at brunch? Can’t limit yourself to two glasses of wine? Figure out what makes you tick and make a list of strategies to combat your trigger.

3) Find healthy ways to socialize: Go to a workout class, sign up for a 5 K, have afternoon tea or spend the afternoon at a farmer’s market with your friends or significant other. Plans with another person keep you accountable.

4) Indulge in what you want: Have what you’ve been craving all week, but a single portion. Enjoy it and don’t let it trigger you to eat more. Remember binging because you ate ONE bad thing because you ”already ruined your diet” is like dropping your phone and deciding to smash it to pieces because you already dropped it.

5) Find food free ways to reward yourself: Have a bubble bath, go for a pedicure, curl up with some tea and watch a Hills marathon. Treat yourself, but not with food.

Am I missing anything? Let me know your tips for keeping the weekend healthy 🙂

bailyBailey Brown

Natural Nutrition Student

IG: @bodybybailey

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