The Sheraton in Kuta

23 May 2015

L1060118When you think about where to stay in Bali, Kuta is not normally one’s first choice. Having read much about the different areas on the island, Kuta is known for more party secene, less healthy lifestyle. However, having been invited to check out the Sheraton resort by Back in Bali, I was keen to see what this part of beautiful Bali had to offer.

The Sheraton is located right across from the beach and next door to the Beachwalk Shopping Center and is situated in what seems like the heart of Kuta. The streets are bustling with people, cars, bikes, and the place is full of energy.


The infinity pool is an added touch of luxury, the sort of place that you could find yourself spending countless hours laying on the beach chairs, ordering drinks, playing in the water, and when hungry heading to one of the two restaurants nearby. I personally didn’t get to spend too much time at the pool, other than a few dips in and to take some beautiful photos while it was raining.



I didn’t try to Bene, the Italian restaurant, although it truly looked amazing and covers three floors. I found myself every morning and night heading to Feast, where there was always a crowd chowing down on the beautiful buffet. They have cooking stations where you can watch the chef making homemade noodles, order sushi, or get some daily made ice cream. If you feel like indulging, one of the best parts of the buffet is their dessert bar, which changes daily and has a range of international treats to local delicacies, all of which tastes ah-mazing. Seriously, if you are going to be breaking your diet for anything, I will recommend their desserts.

Although this hotel is not known for their detox drinks or food, one thing I did like was that they had cards on each table talking about the importance of eating a variety of colors at each meal, as well as what benefits different colored fruits and vegetables have for your body. It’s one thing to know that we need to eat more fruits and veggies in a buffet like they have, but it’s another to have a little reminder on the table and loads of choices available for you at the buffet (hellooooo Gado Gado!).

The staff was absolutely lovely and went out of their way to make me feel at home. I realize this is part of the Balinese culture, to make you feel so warm and comfortable, however I really did appreciate the attention of them getting to know me here. I arrived to a lovely towel dog on my bed and I had later placed it on my yoga mat to take a photo of downward dog (get it?!), and the staff put a bunch of other towel animals on the my mat that night. Too cute!



L1060174My time at the Sheraton was spent working from The Lounge, which overlooks the pool, walking around Kuta, and going for runs on the beach. As I’m not really a party girl, my nights ended pretty early to go spend time in my comfy bed, watching movies.

My overall opinion is this, if you are going to be staying at Kuta, then the Sheraton is one of the better hotels there. The beach is just moments away, and while it’s not the prettiest beach I’ve ever been to, it’s wide stretching and great for long walks in either direction. However, if you are looking for a place to be super healthy at then Kuta probably isn’t the best choice. The area is more of a party place and it can be fun to check out for a few nights to feel the energy and hustle and bustle.




I was invited to stay at the Sheraton through a new membership program, Back in Bali. This is a card that offers exclusive deals and discounts on everything from hotels, villas, restaurants, cafés, bars, spas and activities with 100 premium partners. It is $25 and gets you hooked up all throughout Bali and change the way you experience this awesome island by getting you into places you might not normally think about going to, or be able to afford.

Happy Travels!

With Love, N



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