Best Ayurveda Products & Why I’m Loving Them

09 Apr 2020

Hello beautiful people!

I’m quite excited about this blog post today…any guesses why? It has to do with one of my favorite subjects, Ayurveda. I was introduced to this 5,000 year old healing science, knowing as “The Science of Life” during my 200hr yoga teacher training I did in Bali a few years back. What spoke to me the most about it was the emphasis on prevention, i.e. keeping you healthy so as to prevent the “band aid” treatment we currently use with healthcare. Having studied and implemented it into my life, I saw transformational changes in my body, mind, and approach to health.

Ayurveda based on the balance of the body through correct diet, your thinking patters, lifestyle and use of herbs specific to your dosha. The way that I explain it to clients is that you are born with a specific dosha (there’s three), or consitution, made up of physical, mental and emotional characteristics. This can change as you get older depending on your lifestyle, which can cause an imbalance. The three doshas are vata, pitta, and kapha. Click  this link to see a quick summary of the three and find out which one you might be. (I’m predominantly vata, to give you some perspective.)

The more I’ve learned, implemented it within my own life, and those of clients I work with, the more I have become an avid fan of this system of health and healing. It was only natural that I was thrilled when I came across a company that has products based around each dosha to help you create more balance in your life. Paavani Ayurveda provided me samples to try and I fell in love with not only the brand, but the mission behind it and needed to share it with you all. Below is a Q&A with Paavani that will help you get a better understanding of Ayurveda and how different products can help you.


Paavani Ayurveda Q & A



Why is an Ayurveda brand better for you than other natural or organic products?

Ayurveda is more than just natural and organic products, it is a lifestyle! Ayurveda is a holistic science that teaches us how to see the world through the lens of the elements or the doshas. Through this viewpoint, we are able to look at each individual as a unique compilation of ether, air, fire, water and earth. For example, one person may have more fire in their constitution, while another person may have more air, therefore, each person would require different things to cultivate balance. Through this understanding of the elements, Ayurvedic products are able to offer an authentic, individualized approach to healing rather than treating everyone as the same. 

What we also love about Ayurvedic products is that they teach us new daily rituals that we can easily incorporate into our lives in order to live in health and wellness. For example, kavala graha (oil pulling), nasya (nose oil) and karna purana (ear oil). Ayurveda has a practice to help support the optimal health of all of our sensory organs, which are oftentimes overlooked when thinking about daily self-care. Through providing simple practices for preventative health and a new way of understanding ourselves through the lens of the elements, Ayurvedic products empower anyone to become their own healer and share this wisdom with the world! 

What is special about your products?

They are formulated with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Not only are they time-tested, but they are made with simple, pure, herbal ingredients that are provided by the earth to support our needs. Each medicinal plant has numerous healing benefits for our mind, body and skin and it is through each plant’s intuitive wisdom that we gain greater balance.


For someone who doesn’t know about ayurveda or their dosha, what products would you recommend?

For someone who isn’t familiar with Ayurveda or their dosha, we would recommend any of our non-doshic specific products including our: Golden Milk, Nose Oil, Ear Oil, Pulling Oil, Coconut Milk Bath, Anti-itch Remedy and any of our Tridoshic Products. Each of these products are considered to be tridoshic, which means that they are balancing for all doshas, all elements and all skin types.  You can find your dosha along with a wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge on our website

 I’m asked all the time on how to clear skin from redness, acne, and scarring. What products from your line would you say to use?

We recommend our Clarify Skincare Ritual for blemish-prone skin. This line was specifically formulated for anyone who is looking to deeply detoxify, fight acne-causing bacteria and heal scarring of the skin. Our Pitta Skincare Ritual could also be a great option for these imbalances, especially if someone has redness and more sensitive-type skin. 

 What causes acne in the first place (from an ayurvedic point of view)?

Ayurveda believes that breakouts are caused by a combined imbalance in all three of the doshas. Toxic residue builds up as a result of an imbalance in vata dosha (ether + air), inflammation occurs due to an imbalance in pitta dosha (fire + water) and unhealthy sebum production is a result of an imbalance in kapha dosha (earth + water). From this vata-pitta-kapha imbalance, bacteria begins to accumulate in the pores & blemishes have the perfect breeding ground to wreak havoc on the surface of the skin. Since Ayurveda teaches us that improper digestion is the root cause of all disease, there is no avoiding the fact that all of these imbalances are also directly related to the individual’s diet and lifestyle choices.

 What are the biggest differences between the vata, pitta, and kapha products?

 Each dosha is made up of varying elements with varying qualities, therefore each dosha seeks balance through the opposing qualities of their elements. For example, vata is made up of the elements air + ether which together are cold, dry and light, therefore, vata is balanced through the opposing qualities of hot, moist and heavy. Pitta is made up of the elements fire + a little bit of water which together are hot, sharp and oily, therefore, pitta is balanced through the opposing qualities of cold, dull and dry. Kapha is made up of the elements earth + water which together are heavy, stable and moist, therefore, kapha is balanced through the opposing qualities of light, mobile and dry.

Each of our dosha specific products are formulated with this philosophy of elemental balance. Vata’s tend to have dry skin and are ungrounded in nature, therefore, our vata products are intended to provide moisture and stability. Pitta’s tend to have sensitive skin and are intense in nature, therefore, our pitta products are intended to provide cooling and soothing qualities. Kapha’s tend to have oily/congested skin and are heavy in nature, therefore, our kapha products are intended to provide astringent and uplifting qualities. When looking at the ingredients in each of our products, you will see that there are very different herbal ingredients used in each formulation based on that specific dosha’s needs.


After reading this, I hope that you have more interest in Ayurveda! It is truly one of the most incredible modes of healing I’ve come across and I believe that you will agree once you dive deeper into the products Paavani offers, as well as changing your diet to accommodate your dosha. The products that I tested out were: cinnamon pulling oil (LOVED IT!), floral water + clarifying serum (to aid in acne breakouts), vata body oil + pitta cleansing mask. I was given these products to deal with some acne I had and I can give them the stamp of approval!
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