The Best Beauty Treatments (The Good, The Great & The Oh-So-Trendy)

17 Mar 2018

The best beauty treatments you ask?

Flawless Skin. We all want it and it seems we will do anything to get it. Lasers, needles, blood facials, you name it and someone in LA has tried it. No, we can’t stop time in Beverly Hills, but we sure can fake it well. Everyone is on the hunt for the newest anti-aging miracle in a bottle (or needle). I am not a fan of fillers and needles when there are so many amazing non-invasive treatments that work just as well.

I recently went on a search for the BEST health and beauty treatments in Los Angeles. One of the perks of living in LA is having access to some of the top doctors and beauty influencers in the world. My team interviewed numerous estheticians, dermatologists and the many faces and top influencers in LA (and some in NY) to find the TOP treatments that are making big waves. So what is the new must-have, sought after IT treatment? Let’s talk.

Below are some of the best beauty treatments according to yours truly, as well as top people in the beauty industry! I’d love to know if you have tried any of these treatments and what your thoughts are below!

The best health & beauty treatments in LA


The Once in a While Facial (costly). This treatment was wonderful, but is considered a ‘once in a while’ one because Dr. Nigma Talib is sadly not in LA all that often. She is based out of London where her clientele includes the likes of Sienna Miller and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but has partnered with the Four Seasons to provide her one-of-a-kind facial. This includes lymphatic drainage, hydradermabrasion, and the use of products she personally created. She comes filled with an abundance of knowledge and really helps you to understand WHY your skin is breaking out in certain areas along with how to fix it (hint: it starts in the gut!). Her rates are not cheap but one session with Nigma and you’ll feel like you got a nutritionist coaching session, along with a facial to make your skin glow.

The Creme de la Creme. I have been going to Joanna Vargas for a few months now which is always a splurge for the pocket book – but for good reason – the results are worth it. I recently tried her Super Nova facial, which is the red carpet of facials and includes everything you didn’t even know your skin needed. To put this into perspective, my lovely facialist Sora (who I highly recommend if you’re in LA!) used a variety of techniques, machines, peels, and masks, all in one hour to make my skin glow more than I’ve ever seen. We did a microdermabrasion portion, cryotherapy for the face, face steam, micro-current and of course a lovely arm massage while the double collagen mask does its magic. If you  have an event to go to, wedding day, or want to feel like a celebrity this is absolutely the facial to get. I mean, it was actually created for celebrities right before they hit the red carpet.

The Anytime Facial. Getting glowing skin starts from cleansing out the pores and removing impurities like black heads in order to allow product to really work its magic. The Face Place specializes in this  no-fuss facial which I am definitely a fan of. They start with manual cleansing and extraction, followed by the use of a galvanic current which is a non-invasive way to get product to sink into the skin and regenerate tissue. Whenever my skin starts to break out or I have returned from traveling (and being in airplanes where the air is terrible) I always head here for a rejuvenation.


Technology these days. I always tell people you are taking a risk with lasers because everyones skin is different, yielding in different results. BUT once you’ve had one, you’re pretty much hooked. They make such a difference in your skin. There are many different types of lasers and lights so do your homework and research before committing to one. You get what you pay for, so this doesn’t come cheap. Is it worth it? I say yes, but find out for yourself.

Red/Blue (LED) Light. Offered in various spas today, these lights work to kill bacteria and acne (blue) and stimulate in collagen production (red). The basis here is during a facial your therapist will decide which one you need and put a tanning bed-esque contraption near your face for at least 10 minutes. I’m a huge fan of these lights as they do really work wonders, however, like all treatments you should do them continuously for best results. You can also get the face masks contraptions off Amazon, but note that they won’t be quite as powerful and take much longer to sit under.

IPL. Aka Intense Pulse Light is a laser based procedure that helps to reduce early pigmentations, minor wrinkles, or uneven skin tone. It’s typically recommended for those under 40 or anyone who doesn’t want an invasive (read: few day down time, or cost) treatment. While I haven’t personally tried this treatment, it’s something I’ve been considering because I do have hyper pigmentation above my lip and on my cheeks. I’ll keep you updated on this and where I go!

Hair removal. So I’ve been doing my *ahem* lady part region for a bikini line over the past year. I finally got to a place that I was tired of having hairs pulled from my delicate skin, leaving me screaming inside (and sometimes at the therapist) so I took the plunge, paid to do yearly hair removal  and haven’t looked back since. It is very safe to do with no downtime and is not painful if  you use a numbing cream prior to treatments. Note that it works best on those with darker hair and does take quite a few sessions to actually see a dramatic difference.


They’ve become trendy on the ‘gram and for good reason; they’re holistic, natural, and really work. I’ve tried and tested each of these and can say that if these are the wave of the future. Say hello to the trends of 2018.

Healers. You’ve heard about celebrities, yogis, and just about anyone who lives in LA mentioning a healer and how much they’ve been transformed. It’s definitely not something that has hit the mainstream in the midwest, quite yet. However, there is something to be said about these healers because they really do have transformative effects, as long as you’re willing to do the work. Ranging from psychics to tarot card readers, you can find someone who can help with whatever your issue is. Being in the wellness industry I’ve tried many healers and have found benefits in each. If you are a non-believer, think of it the same as if you go to a therapist; if you’re not ready, you won’t believe anything they say. Same goes for healers, although you should do research and find someone through word of mouth. My recommendation here is a woman named Jennifer Schaefer, who is an intuitive healer (psychic for sure) and has been probably one of the most incredible people I’ve ever worked with.

Cupping. I’ve heard all about cupping for many years- I mean who hasn’t after seeing Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston showing up on the red carpet with all those marks on them- so I was eager to try it. Cupping helps to reduce pain in the body, increase circulation (goodbye cellulite!), and pulls out toxins in the body, all of which will leave you feeling instantly better. Your therapist will either leave them on the back for a while, which can leave the marks, or moves them around frequently. I had a photoshoot the next day so we went with the moving cupping so there were no marks, but it was a unique sensation, very much like being vacuumed. This paired with a massage and I felt absolutely wonderful. Definitely a treatment I recommend for anyone who wants an extra oomph to help their body. I tried the Spa on Rodeo (yes it’s on THAT Rodeo street in LA) and will absolutely be going back to try more of their treatments they offer, as I loved this one.

Infared sweating. Picture this: you’re asked to change into pajamas, including socks, then ushered into a dimly lit room with calming music and told to get into a sleeping bag of sorts in a little private nook of the room. You put on headphones and for the next hour watch your favorite Netflix show while the temperature seems to build and you begin sweating. Welcome to Shape House, one of my favorite places in LA to go to. You get all the benefits of hot yoga while instead feeling like you’re in a first class bed on a plane. Benefits include weight loss, better skin, deeper sleep,  and more restoration in the body. I first tried this out two years ago and got hooked (partially because I love warm weather so  much!). I have seen dramatic results in my skin and sleep and try to go once every few weeks.

Cyrotherapy. I’m sure you’ve haeard the this pop up in conversation, mainly if you live in LA, because most other places have a natural form of freezing your booty off, which is called winter! However, here in LA we don’t get cold weather so the cryo machines have popped up and become a popular form of reducing inflammation in the body, healing injured tissue, and increasing immunity. The premise here is the same as icing your knee if you injure yourself, except this one you step into a full body freezer. Extreme cold temperatures stimulate the central nervous system, and without going too technical here, it creates cell regeneration that works for your full body including better skin, digestion, injury reduction, etc. I have a love / hate relationship with cryo, where I feel so good when I do it, but absolutely cannot stand cold temperatures, so I don’t go that often. It’s pricey to go, but it’s a treatment that is endorsed by all types of celebrities and athletes, not to mention doctors. Place to try: Next Health.


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