Your Biggest Bali Questions, Answered

22 Dec 2019

My beautiful friends… I’ve missed you! It’s actually been far too long since I’ve been blogging regularly (more on that later) and I realized that now was the perfect time to start again because of all the questions I’ve had about Bali. That’s why I’m dedicated this post to your biggest Bali questions, answered… and I’ll be sharing a lot more about the Bali lifestyle, such as things you need to know before visiting, what it’s like to live here,  and top places to eat, drink, do yoga and more.

For now though, let’s get to answering your biggest Bali questions!

Your Biggest Bali Questions, Answered

Your must see place to go: This is a hard one because there are SO many amazing places in Bali, all of which fit into different categories. I think that going to the Monkey Forrest is a pretty unique experience for two reasons. The first is the monkeys. Obviously lol. It’s a bit scary to see them all, especially if they run up to you, however it’s pretty spectacular to see momma monkeys and their babies and the sheer volume of them. I will say, be a bit careful because they can bite occasionally (if you’re taunting them). The other reason I love the Monkey Forrest (which is in Ubud) is the magnificent trees. I swear this is what Avatar looks like in person. Head over the bridge and look up to the ridiculously huge trees and down where the river is. It’s a very spiritual place.


The monkey forrest in ubud

Non-comercial places to socialize: Also a hard one to answer because Bali is HUGE… With that being said, I’ll share in Canggu as that’s where I’ve been spending most of my time. The cool thing about here is that there are very few actual commercialised places. It’s not like America… there are so many little cute restaurants, co-working spots, cafes, bars.

Best beach locations for hotel / villa rental: Seminyak or Canggu are wonderful places because there is quite a bit of land, so the villas tend to be a bit bigger (don’t try to get one right next to the beach though as they’ll cost a ton more). Hotels, fav spots are Ubud, Canggu on the beach and Uluwatu on the cliff. In Ulu I’d recommend splurging a bit to get a hotel that’s right on the cliffside as the views are worth it.


What was your favorite thing about Bali: The locals! Honestly, they are the friendliest of anywhere I’ve ever traveled and I can’t get enough of their kindness. I also love how easy and cheap it is to eat super healthy and delicious meals.


Best yoga studios and mini retreats: Hands down The Yoga Barn in Ubud. They host retreats all the time, teacher trainings and have yoga alllll day errrrr day. It’s my favorite spot.

How to find a villa for shorter term 3-6 months? Is there usually lots of availability or more competitive to find good places? I would recommend this FB group which is to find housing in Canggu. They also have ones for Ubud and Uluwatu. Just be wary because a lot of scams can happen, so make sure the person renting to you owns the property, has all the legal paperwork and others know of the person/place.

Your favorite restaurants? The Yoga Barn cafe is to die for… legit it is the best food and I could live on it for the rest of my life. I love Alchemy which is a raw cafe in Ubud, and for a night out with incredible food, great drinks and a good atmosphere I’d recommend Mason in Canggu. Those three are my top restaurants in all of Bali! I also love having a cocktail at sunset at Como in Canggu or The Lawn for sunset as well. A shoutout to Elixir Cafe in Ubud as well, which has amazing vegan food (the truffle pizza is to die for).


Your favorite places to practice yoga? The Yoga Barn in Ubud. Sadly Canggu has disappointed me with their yoga and I haven’t spent too much time in Uluwatu. The Yoga Barn has classes in one place from morning until night for every type of practice.


Where’s the best place to stay in Seminyak that’s next to cafes/restaurants?!What are the must go-to cafe/restaurants in Seminyak? Sadly I don’t know this area as much as it’s SO touristy now that I’ve kind of stayed away from it.  Some hotels in Canggu, I’d recommend Como as a splurge. Then take a look on AirBnB because they have loads of amazing places along the beach for cheap.

Best coffee? Coconut lattes which you can get anywhere. Thank god for coconuts because they are the mainstay of like everything here, coco coffees, coconut oil, coconut based desserts, fresh coconuts… then again I just love coconuts. I do love Zin Cafe in Canggu and sadly the place I really loved for coffee and avocado toast in Ubud closed (Full Circle).


What is something in Bali you want to do you’ve never done before: Great question! I haven’t hiked up Mt.Sanur which you get up at 3am for. Every time I’m here I say I’m going to do it and then don’t…it’s absolutely on the list. oh, and visiting Nusa Penida which looks stunning.
What are your favorite workout spots around Bali: I love Body Factory in Canggu for a luxury gym with every style of equipment you could want. It’s definitely my fav but quite expensive (250,000 rupiah which is around $17 for one workout). Outside of that, there’s a ton of gyms around Canggu, I’ve just not found one that I love as much as Body Factory. Outside of that, The Yoga Barn will also be top as well because of the yoga classes. I do love running and the beach in Canggu is a good place, but only at sunset otherwise it’s too f*cking hot. And running on the roads isn’t good because they are so busy and the dogs can be nasty sometimes.


Your favorite ways to reset on the island: Going to the beach, heading to Ubud for yoga and healthy food, or going to Uluwatu to watch the sunset for the cliffs. Can you tell these are my fav spots lol?

What is the general impression of foreigners who live there? The locals appreciate foreigners because it brings a lot of money to the island. There’s a bit of a bad impression of Australians though because they tend to come here, party/get super drunk, drive their scooters kind of crazy and leave trash everywhere. It’s same vibes as when you think of Americas going to Cancun. In Ubud, the more spiritual area, the impression is that it’s a lot of people coming to ‘find’ themselves. I can share more on this if you all want… being in Bali you see/hear/and experience a lot lol. Oh – just be aware that EVERY foreigner either gets a bike or has a driver to take them around, so there’s a LOT of traffic.


Is it better to go in Bali for the first time by yourself or is it better if you go there on a retreat? I came here for a yoga teacher training and ended up staying three months. Honestly, I think both! Come for a retreat and stay a few extra days, or if you’re an outgoing person, go to Seminyak, Canggu or Ubud and go make friends. The expats and people that come here are all so friendly.



Whew… I hope you enjoyed those! Your biggest Bali questions, answered has been pretty fun! I actually had SO many more questions that I will have to do a 2-part for the post. If there is anything else you want to know, or that I didn’t answer, drop a comment below and it will go into my post next week.

Tons of Bali love,


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