I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, a place that is known for being very active and health conscious. I was not into health as a child and although my parents made me sit down for a home cooked meal every night, I was your typical kid/teenager who ate a typical fast food diet, enjoyed hanging out with friends and just wanted to fit in with everyone else. Going to college and modeling were my only real priorities at this time.


I graduated high school a year early, which led me to begin college at 17. I went to three schools in four years, something that I’m grateful for, yet had a profound effect on my stress levels, sleep habits, and eventually my poor eating habits. I moved to LA my junior year on an exchange program, where I was going to school full-time, modeling, and working. This was the beginning of what would become extreme wanderlust paired with my desire to model full-time. In 2004, at the age of 20, I graduated with honors from the University of Northern Colorado with my B.A. in Communications and Journalism.


Less than a month after finishing school I was on my first trip as an international model to Shanghai, China. It was an intense trip and further led to issues relating to my health and body. I was grateful to go however, as it allowed me to begin to learn about new cultures, different foods, and see how the rest of the world lives.


I moved back to Colorado for a bit to get a “normal” job in marketing, only to realize that I wanted to continue traveling. So I packed my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Australia. I landed in Sydney where I once again modeled and worked. I was on a continuous way of life of dieting (growing up I'd previously tried just about all of them) and realized that after a 6-week 'detox' I was miserable, however I did start to see the benefits of clean eating.


It was after my year in Australia that I decided the world was calling and this was my big chance to travel and model, two of my biggest passions. In 2011, I lived in Seoul, Bangkok, Colorado, Athens, London, and New York. It was an intense period and one filled with a lot of loneliness, as well as very fulfilling travel and new friends that I still keep in contact with today.


In February 2012, I moved from New York back to Colorado, realizing that I not only wanted to get healthy, I needed to. I had acquired many issues with eating, dealt with years and years of bad skin, been on accutane 3x, and did not have a healthy relationship with food or myself. I was depressed, unfulfilled and unhappy. I started learning about health by teaching myself to cook, reading lots of books on nutrition, and through this I came to understand the profound effect food has on your body. By taking care of myself, I started to get happy, healthy, and really began enjoying my life. This where my passion of healthy living truly began!


I moved back to London in the summer of 2012, where I signed up for my first triathlon and began taking courses on nutrition in raw foods, sports nutrition, and nutrition for everyday living. I started photographing the meals I made and created a blog to keep me motivated and share what I was learning. During this time I got certified in three different fields and realized I had a huge passion for health.


During this time I created my Instagram account (@nikkisharp) as a way to track my progress, keep myself motivated and post pictures that inspired my. Thousands of people began following my page and I realized I thoroughly enjoyed teaching others what I was learning about health. I decided to go full force into creating the Nikki Sharp brand; a place where I could share what I learned and help others get healthy and happy through my community.


I decided to create a detox plan for myself because there was nothing else on the market that appealed to me. I created my e-book, which immediately became a best-selling item through word of mouth. The results speak for themselves, as people across the world have tried it and love what you see. I’ve since turned the detox into a mobile app (it hit #1 in 6 countries in 24 hours) and a best-selling book through Random House, titled ‘The 5-Day Real Food Detox’ which hit #4 on the Amazon best seller list.


Having lived in London for a few years, it was time to head back to LA, where health and wellness are a way of life. It’s where I now call home and have thoroughly enjoyed getting onto tv shows such as Access Hollywood Live, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and Good Day LA (KTLA) to teach others about my detox and lifestyle tips, as well as being featured in magazines such as Cosmo, Elle, Women's Health, and online sites like Well + Good, Mind Body Green and more.


My second book, Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss was released May 2018 which became an Amazon best-seller. I have become a leading speaking on wellness, and I’ve managed to create a lifestyle brand that represents more than just food; it is the connection between being happy and stress-free, moving your body, and eating healthy food.



I'm currently living in Miami, having moved here during the pandemic. I get to work with clients daily on helping them to become the best version of themselves through greater confidence and feeling empowered with their choices.


'Nutrition for Everyday Living' certification from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition; 'Raw Foods' and 'Sports Nutrition' from The College of Naturopathic Medicine; Certified Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training certification via Zuna YogaMatthew Kenney Culinary plant-based chef training.