Biofield Energy Healing with Julz

26 May 2015

L1050863I met Julz while we were both having breakfast downstairs in Alchemy Restaurant before both our days began. I instantly recognized her from her picture, as you can’t really miss this beauty when she breezes through a door. I asked if it was her, introduced myself and we began chatting as if we had known each other for years and randomly saw each other in a café in Bali after all this time. Julz is one of those people that you want to know all her beauty secrets, workout tips, spiritual ways and to just be around her radiating energy. She is gorgeous, fit, and dresses/looks impeccable, considering it’s like a thousand degrees in Bali. Although I felt like I already knew her, we talked about how she realized from an early age that she could play with energy and heal herself, how she was in corporate life, quit that to become a healer full time and what brought her to Bali. We spoke about my life, how I was only supposed to be in Bali for 8 days after my yoga course and have stayed two months, my company among other things. We parted with the excitement of meeting up for our session later that day.

It was just after midday when I came into her healing room, sat on the bed and we continued talking. She had me read about Biofield Energy and what I might experience during or after the session. I learned that this type of treatment is where the practitioner uses energy, frequency and vibration to assist in achieving a state of balance, health and wellness. There is no physical contact, rather I would lay there with a eye mask on, blanket over me and she would work with my energy through her hands, moving the energy around my body to clear blockages, which then activates my body to heal itself. She mentioned it would be about 30-40 minutes after which we would discuss what I felt. Sounded interesting and seeing as I’m really open and game to all things energy/health related I was ready.

Julz asked me if there was anything in particular that I wanted to focus on to heal. There was and we talked about how the treatment can help, however for me not to expect it to be a drastic change during the actual treatment as she can only work with the energy that my body puts out, not force something to come out. As we began the session, I felt completely relaxed. I had nowhere I needed to be, nowhere I wanted to be, I really just felt content. Not feeling the practitioners hands is a strange sensation because you feel they aren’t really doing anything, however I felt really calm and at peace. The whole time I was ‘under’ we’ll call it, I was thinking about work and my company. But not in the sense of the things that were stressing me out that I needed to do. Rather, many ideas came to me, things became clear and I had such a surge of creativity I literally wanted to stop the session and write everything down. Ideas kept floating through my head, beautiful bright photos of food that I wanted to take, blogs I wanted to write. After what seemed like 10 minutes she touched me to end the healing. It was very strange because I felt like I had been there for 2 hours, yet only 10 minutes at the same time. It was like time had slowed down and yet also went really quick.

I sat up and we discussed what I felt, saw, heard, anything sort of experience that I had. I told her about all the vivid photos that were coming and how I just wanted to work on all these things coming into my mind. I mentioned how before coming to Bali my creativity had died and gone to creativity heaven and nothing I could do brought it back, so it was amazing to have so many beautiful work thoughts come in my mind. We spoke about how it was my inner child waking up and trying to guide me. This is a result of my higher self connecting me to that part of my inner self that’s been hidden, to acknowledge the essence of when I was young, playful and full of imagination and creativity. (This was something that I had worked on with my session earlier in the day with Dean, and Julz was very surprised to hear about him speaking of this)… sometimes I swear all these healers can read each other’s minds! I equated it to her that during the session I felt like a little kid wanting to start coloring in a book, page after page, and that’s how I now felt with my website, eBooks, blog, etc. I felt EXCITED about everything again.

We closed our session with her asking me to send how I start feeling in the next few days and if I noticed any differences that I hadn’t mentioned. She also said that she does sessions remotely, even if you are in a different country because at the end of the day, energy is energy and it’s present everywhere, which is pretty cool and I’ll definitely be trying this with her to spark my creativity if it decides to run away again.

Overall, what a beautiful experience. I am very happy to have met Julz, felt her infectious energy, listened to her advice and felt her healing. I absolutely recommend seeing her if you make it out to Ubud, and actually, if you’re in Bali get your butt to Alchemy Holistic, it will be worth it!

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Some Q & A’s with Julz:

1.What do you eat in a given day? Are you vegan, raw foodist, or anything else?

I have been a conscious vegetarian for almost 30 years now. I start my day with a cold pressed classic green juice at Alchemy Cafe and then onto the breakfast bar for some spirulina yogurt, buckwheat granola, sliced bananas, walnuts, coconut chia, and powdered Macca on top. For lunch, I love vegetarian Indian cuisine, so I will have vegetable Indian curry prepared w/coconut milk. For dinner, I love nutritional Gourmet raw food, so a salad and raw pizza, lasagna, or veggie burger are some delicious gourmet raw selections I love to choose from. I drink lots of water, green juice, cocobiotics & jamu juice throughout the day. I do not gravitate towards sweets, however, I do enjoy them when I have them.

2. What’s been the proudest moment of your life?

The proudest moment of my life is when the need to feel pride (the approval of others), was replaced by self acceptance.

3. What do you think is the most important thing for a person to become happier?

The journey to happiness begins with loving, forgiving, respecting and honoring yourself.

With Love, N


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