adulting with nikki sharp and zack peter

Adulting: Life Hacks To Get Your Sh*t Together

I know this doesn’t come as ANY surprise, because you’ve already binge-listened to the entire season one of # adulting and learned so much from al... Read More

5 Ways To Feel More Fulfilled In Life

“Are you fulfilled in life?” This is such a simple question, yet it normally does not have a very simple answer. However, before I get into the spir... Read More

Win a FREE TRIP to Mexico!

Sun, sand, playing on the beach… oh and doing yoga and cooking with me. What could sound better? If you’ve been in need of a holiday then I have an ... Read More

Join me in Puerto Vallarta for a Wellness Getaway!

My sweet sweet friends! Are you ready to join me on for a trip of a lifetime September 5-9?! I mean…of course you are! Here are the juicy details of a tri... Read More

BTS of my book launch (the REAL DEAL)

Boy oh boy has this been a book launch. I was just asking a friend what I should put in today’s newsletter and she told me that it would be great to hear ... Read More

My official book trailer + an EPIC giveaway

I am beyond excited to share the OFFICIAL BOOK TRAILER for my second book, Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss (out May 1). This has been a very long time in t... Read More
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