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I’m excited to announce my brand new book:


Discover the safe, effective, delicious 5-day detox cleanse that allows you to eat whole, nutrient-rich foods—and feel satisfied and energized while dropping pounds!



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Do you want to eat real food and lose up to 13 pounds in 5 days? If you’ve ever wondered what the secret is to losing belly fat, reducing bloating, getting clear skin and cleansing your body is, the answer is here.

The 5-Day Real Food Detox allows you to eat five times a day—and shed at least a pound a day—with meals and snacks developed by Sharp (and backed by a nutritionist and a registered dietician). The plan has been tested by Sharp’s 300,000-plus Instagram followers who have seen incredible results in only 5 days.

This is the only book on the market that touches on what to do prior to the detox, answers all your questions you might have during, and provides the perfect plan to follow post detox in order to keep the amazing results you see. Deemed the Pretox, Detox, and Aftertox, Sharp walks you through each step, making sure you have all the knowledge you need in order to see success. It also delves into the Guy-Tox, a male-only chapter, which gives scientific hard proof on why detoxing and clean eating works and why all men will see better results following this plan than scarfing down protein shakes and excessive meat products.

In The 5-Day Real Food Detox, you’ll discover:

  • nutrient-dense foods that encourage detoxification and weight loss
  • the facts on juice, smoothie, tea, and raw food cleanses
  • yummy foods to substitute when you crave unhealthy ones
  • ingredients to avoid and how to decode food labels
  • the secret to great-tasting meals—use spices instead of salt
  • strategies for lowering stress and combating insomnia
  • troubleshooting for food allergies, mood swings, bloating, and other detox issues
  • how to maintain your results with The Sharp Lifetime Diet: a 10 day meal plan & 30 brand new recipes

Complete with full page color photos that will walk you how to make each meal, testimonials, before and after photos, shopping lists, The 5-Day Real Food Detox lays the groundwork for eating well and feeling wonderful for the rest of your life!

 Praise in the media:

“Nikki is an amazing inspiration. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or just trying to get healthy, this book is a must-read!”—Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, founder of the FullyRaw brand and author of The Fully Raw Diet

“Nikki Sharp’s plant-based detox is a holistic approach to long-term wellness. Not only will it help get you lean in a short amount of time, it will keep you there, and feeling energized the whole way through.”—Brendan Brazier, author of the Thrive book series

“The real power of this book is that it just may transform how you think about your food, your body, and the way your choices shape every aspect of your life.”—Adam Rosante, author of The 30-Second Body

“I love that Nikki Sharp’s program is full of real, satisfying foods that won’t leave you starving—so you can build healthy habits that will last long after the five days are over!”—Megan Gilmore, author of Everyday Detox

“Nikki Sharp’s style is fun, approachable, and innovative, and embodies the new way we should be eating. The wellness world is fortunate to now include her brilliant new book.”—Matthew Kenney, author of Cooked Raw: How One Celebrity Chef Risked Everything to Change the Way We Eat

“Nikki Sharp does a superb job of explaining why detoxing by eating whole foods really works. Her five-day plan is easy to follow. This book is a must have for everyone who wants to look gorgeous and healthy like Nikki!”—Ani Phyo, author of Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast and Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

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