Chakra and Crystal Healing in Bali

04 Jan 2020

My beauties,

I get asked ALL the time about healers in Bali and who do I recommend. Honestly, I feel like I need to write a book about this place because after visiting 6x and living here the past four months, there’s a LOT to share. Please let me know what other things you’d like me to write about Bali. And read this post on Your Biggest Bali Questions Answered. That being said… I was recommended to go see a healer in Canggu who does Chakra and Crystal healing. The post below is a bit different than my normal one (READ: IT’S LONG), but it has come straight out of the book I’m writing of my travels for the past year, and so it’s a bit more story telling.

Please note that this is a VERY VERY personal post and I’m sharing things I never have. It’s unfiltered and I haven’t changed anything. 

I’ll share the healers details at the bottom should you find yourself in Bali and want a whole Eat Pray Love transformation!

Chakra and Crystal Healing in Bali

It’s December 31 and I am going to have a chakra and crystal healing. I figured this was a beautiful way to bring in the New Year, by releasing the old and calling in new. The thing about healers (myself being one of them), is that they don’t do the work, they only guide you to see what you need to do yourself. It can be a hard but beautiful journey, and is totally worth it!

It’s 8.45am and I get on my scooter, driving about seven minutes from my house to her shop. It’s funny because I’ve actually driven past it a ton of times and know of it well because it’s a shop that has loads of trees and plants and a big sign saying ‘crystal collection for the soul’ with a white background and loads of crystal pictures on it. My girlfriend Celine has recommended her, and then Bridget (another gf of ours) went to see her, saying absolutely incredible things. As I park the bike she walks up and asks if my name is Nikki. Yes, she reaches out her hand, pleasure to meet you. “My name is Ayu.”

the chakra and crystal healing shop in canggu bali

She is dressed in a green and white sarong, baby blue shirt with very soft material, that drapes over her shoulders. Her hair is pulled back, no makeup, and grey eyes that are very beautiful and soft. Her face is full, clear skin, and a warm smile. She takes me back through the garden to her little outdoor room which over looks the rice fields. I look at all the crystals she has as she explains which ones are for what chakra, that she will be putting them all over your body, seeing what chakras are blocked.

I lay down the spa style table and she puts each little crystal on different areas of my body, starting from my third eye, to my throat, my heart, my stomach, my pubic bone, then puts one in my right hand and left hand. They go next to my shoulders near my neck, around my body and legs. I didn’t realize actually how many crystals were all over me, but there are tons of smaller ones on my stomach, in between my legs and on carious places on the bed.

After this, she uses a pendulum over each chakra to see which one is blocked and which is clear. Crown chakra, fine, and strong. Third eye, not blocked and strong. Throat chakra, blocked a bit, there’s something i’m holding on to. Heart chakra, very blocked. Solar plexus, blocked. Sex chakra, balanced. Root chakra, blocked. So four out of seven chakras are blocked: throat, heart, solar plexus, root. This seems about right.

ayu the woman behind the chakra and crystal healing session in bali

Next, she guides me through a relaxation, which goes quickly as there is light spa style music in the background, mixed with running water. As I am going into this meditative state, I realize my mind is pretty busy and so I begin focusing on all the external sounds. This is one of the best ways to get out of the thinking mind. You focus on each sound you can hear, what direction it is coming from, then moving on to the next. I hear the music playing, the running water. The trees are rustling with the light breeze. As we are near the main road, there are cars and motor cycles, with the occasional super loud one whizzing past. I try to determine what direction it is coming from and going into. I hear her clinging two chimes together, which makes a beautiful sound that resonates deep in my ears.

Then I move on to all the sensations I feel. Such as the wind on my skin, the crystals on different parts of my body. I can feel the occasional ant walking on my skin to the flies landing on me. I feel my clothes on my body, and the bed underneath me that I’m laying on.

As I’m in a deeper state now, I call into what I want to let go of and leave behind in 2019. That which no longer serves me. Immediately, almost the first thing that comes to mind is that I am angry at the men in my life. I’m angry at my father, at Efe, and at Ben. I ask to let this go. Silently in my mind I say I want to let go of not feeling like I’m good enough or have done enough in my business this year. I want to let go of not treating my body with the respect it deserves, with too many external things that aren’t good for me. I ask to let go of jealously, and other negative emotions. Doing this exercise i realize that i have been holding on to a lot of negative emotions.

I then switched gears to what I am calling in for 2020. I silently said I’m calling in to make $15,000 a month. To find a place in a LA that I love and can cook and feel secure and happy in (more on this later!). To find love that inspires me every day. I am calling in helping others grow their brand and to be of service a lot. I am calling in more love. And then it kind of stopped. i realize that I wasn’t really able to call in much more. I felt a block, and part of this is because I have found it different to plan out my year when i feel everything is predetermined for me. So when others put out 1,3,5 year plans, I struggle to because i am so consciously aware that my life is not really being lived by me, rather my soul has pre-determined much of it. Either way, there was some sort of block. Maybe the chakra and crystal healing is working?

And then the monkey mind kicks in…

My mind is racing at this point with things I should do, need to do, want to do, that i want to message Ben. The funny thing is that as I type this, I dont actually remember much of what was going through my mind. I just know that there was a lot of thoughts and i was aware of how active my monkey mind was.

She is now playing the singing bowl and it’s beautiful. I feel a sense of peace, although my mind won’t shut up. One thing I am very good at is time. I have this innate sense of time and can tell how long I’ve been there. Not to the minute, but I am aware that I’ve been laying here for over an hour and some change. The session is supposed to go on for about 75 minutes max, and we’ve definitely hit this. I’m almost starting to get bored at this point and I realize how much I love action. I like healing sessions that guide me to do something. I’m starting to think about the things I will do in the car ride to Ubud. Because of the perceived time, I know that i will no longer have time to go get a green juice which I really wanted, nor will I be able to get my coffee, and it will be a bit of a rush to pack my back for Ubud, leave my bike and get the car. I am understanding that it’s a very masculine quality I have, to always want to do and go. Maybe the lesson now is to just BE. I am very good at being in one sense, and terrible in another. I love to challenge the mind, to grow, to find solutions and implement them. Part of the feminine that I’m learning to tap into more is the sense of not needing to go anywehere, do anything. To just be here in the now. Presence.

So I try to calm the mind and be totally present, knowing that everything will flow exactly as it’s meant to. That if I am meant to be here for longer than 75 minutes, the universe has decided this and that things will work out as they will. So I let go of the upcoming potential stress of getting it all ‘done.’

She is no longer playing the singing bowl (or so I think, but maybe she still is, at this point I dont really know), rather I believe she is lightly singing and moving around different parts of the table. As my eyes are closed i’m not really sure what was going on. Finally the healing finishes and she begins to take the crystals off. With my eyes still closed to takes the pendulum to go over each chakra again.

My heart chakra…oh no…

Crown chakra, balanced and very strong, third eye, balanced and also very strong. Throat chakra, balanced. At this point I think, if she says all the chakras are balanced I might feel it’s BS, because then i dont really believe anything happened. But then she gets to my heart and swings the pendulum for quite a while, saying nothing. She stops and starts again. She says it’s still blocked and asks me what am I holding on to.

I tell her that I am very sad about my ex (Ben) who left and didn’t tell me and I’m having a hard time accepting it as well as getting over the anger of it. And this is were the real healing starts. Not to mention the tears.

I explain that it was less than two weeks ago that he just up and left Bali, telling everyone else but me, and has not spoken to me since. She asks how long we were together. I say three months, but it was a deep soul connection. She then asks what happened the last time we spoke, before he left. I explain that a family friend died (not immediate family) and he asked me to come over and I wouldn’t. Her immediate resction, almost before i finished sharing (eyes still closed at this point), is to ask why i didn’t go over there when he needed it. I’m a bit taken aback and get on the defensive a bit. I tell her that i felt like i gave him everything. That i was on the other side of the world and he asked for space, which i gave. that when he wanted to talk, i was there. when he was in financial trouble, i helped. that i paused my work often to help him with his, to write his proposals, to come in on his business deals. and that on the last night, i was exhausted. i had been driving to his house constantly and had just gotten home. that i did not want to get on my bike again in that moment. I felt drained in all senses.

Her response was that if i loved him, i would have gone. at this point tears are streaming down my face because i clearly didn’t do something that he needed, but also i am angry that it was always relying on me to give. I share that i was frustrated in that moment because he has said some very rude things to me about business and insulting me, and took back an apology, then just expected me to come over. I was frustrated to have given so much over our short relationship and that I pretty much allowed myself to feel taken advantage of. She shares that as love, we must show up for love with others, always. I get this, i really do, but then there are times that i get angry that i feel it’s always me showing up as the bigger person, giving more love, doing the right thing, and others get a pass. This has felt like it my whole life.

We move on to my dad, where i say i still have some anger towards him because he’s always asking me to say sorry to his wife, to send her messages when i’ve done nothing wrong. and i dont get why i need to do this when she has really made it a point to make it known that she hates me. Ayu states its just jealousy. Yes… I know. But why must I constantly do this? I always do it though. I always show up and send these messages, with absolute intention of love, because of my love for my dad.

The view from Ayu's shop when doing the chakra and crystal healing attended by nikki sharp

She is now saying that i chose my family before i was born. Yes, i know. That i am paying some sort of karma because of ben, and the relationship with my paretns. i know. And the more she says about showing up with love with no expectation of anything in return, all i can say is that I do that. I really do believe i’m one fo the most generous people because of this. I give things to people, never even needing a thank you in response. because i do them in order to help someone who needs it. I’ve never asked for a message back from my dads wife, i never once asked ben back the money i gave him. i never will. and i share this with her, that i have a hard time because of this reason. that i am such a giver, and then end up feeling taken advantage of at times. that i allow this to happen. oh goodness. this chakra and crystal healing is kicking my butt.

You must be love, always

Her response is that i must keep being love, and that the more love i give, the more i will receive. This is the point where I am really crying now. I say, I’m a healer, much like an oracle in a sense, and i know you understand this. I just want to be human sometimes. I want to be able to be treated as other humans are and not have to constantly be the sage who is giving advice, that people come to. i know i choose this life and that i’m grateful, but can’t i just be human once in a while.

She fully gets this. Her hands are on my heart, she moves them around my head, touching me softly, holding my shoulders. i know she understands what i’m saying. Her response is along the lines of, if I focus on my love, giving it to others, it will always come back to me, even greater. And that by still being angry with my dad, although i say I do everything with love for him, means that there is still a blocked energy in my heart. That i should send her the energy i have, so she can match my energy, the same with my father. Don’t just send her love, but my father as well. Because when we send others our energetic vibes, it helps to elevate them and we benefit because they become at a higher vibration; kinder, more loving, essentially the people we want them to be.

It takes a lot of courage to do this though, because deep down we actually want people to suffer, because they have caused us pain. But true love is to help rise others to your level, to remove their suffering. And i fully understand this. I guess I still had some blocks after Ben leaving and the same old shit with my dad asking me to text his wife. But in reality, it’s true. He is asking me to send her sweet messages to help remove her suffering. It is absolutely hard being at a higher consciousness than a lot of people, because it means that you have to be the person to always send out love, to give from your cup. Which means your cup better be full! And clearly I’ve been neglecting myself for a bit. I realized this during the session actually, that Canggu has been a bit of a destruction zone for me. I didn’t treat myself with the same love and care that I do when I’m in ubud. I stopped meditating, doing yoga, and instead drank too much, went out, didn’t eat as healthy as i enjoy.

We talk about my mom, and my ex Efe, and the same principle applies to them. Send them love. Help rise their vibration. I’m more calm at this point.

And then she asks, do you miss him? Do you want Ben back?

The tears start pouring down my cheeks. Yes. I miss him terribly. Yes. I want to have him back in my life.

And so she says, don’t message him now. Instead, talk to the universe. Call out his name and tell him that you miss him. Speak it into existence with the universe. Share how grateful you are for him and that you want him back in your life. That you want to talk to him. That you miss him. Do this with all the love I have, sending him love. That if i do this, he will message me in the new year. I will be shocked when i receive a text from him, but it’s because I’m sending out positive intention. She tells me i need to stop saying all the things I did for him and instead focus on my love for him.

Point taken.

What a way to bring in 2020

At this point she continues with her chakra and crystal healing and goes over the rest of my chakras with her pendulum, which are all unblocked, then has me sit up, open my eyes, then she gets water, blesses it and hands it to me to drink. We keep talking about Ben and how I realize I was a mirror for him. That many of the things he got upset about were because it was a mirror of where he was not yet at. We are all mirrors to one another.

The conversation lasts a few more minutes and then I must go. We hug and she welcomes me back any time, and to message her if anything comes up. she thinks it’s a great idea that i’m going to ubud to do yoga and meditate. She tells me to touch the ground each day and say my name three times. That the Balinese do this to connect mother earth to father spirit, which grounds you as the human between them both. I will remember to do this as I get to Ubud.

I walk back to my bike feeling all the emotions. I’m so grateful I came and clearly there is still the biggest work to be done in my heart. I do get frustrated being so in-touch with the ether world and that I must always be the bigger person, but in reality, my life is pretty amazing because of this. I do feel more connected, calm, in touch with myself and others. I dont get frustrated about little things like i used to. I understand what love is so clearly now and i just look forward to really bring about a more healthy, happy, and connected version of myself to 2020.

And there you have it…

Whew. It feels a bit scary to share that all with you, but there we go. As you read, it was a pretty powerful and intense experience, and one that I am SO grateful to have had. I mentioned this before, but this is part of a book that I’ve been writing for the past year since moving to Paris.

Now, I’m sure you’re interested in her details – so here they are. When you message her (WhatsApp only!) mention you’re a friend of mine. And yes, I did ask if she wanted me to share her details with you all, she said PLEASE! The price was 700,000 rupiah cash, however this is subject to change as she gets busier!

Ayu, chakra and crystal healing in Canggu, Bali

+62 812 3811 252 (whatsapp only)

With love,


PS – let me know if you like this style of post. I’m finally starting to feel more motivated with blogging again (part of the reason I wasn’t doing so much is because I was writing this book), and would love to know if you like this story telling vibe, or a bit more of the how-to/help posts.

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