Comfort Foods Made Healthy- Access Hollywood Live appearance!

18 Aug 2016

Huge news! I was on Access Hollywood Live earlier this week and the segment came out so great! For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Snapchat, I had asked what you all wanted me to make for the show. The theme was summer comfort foods made healthy, which was really fun.

Of all the ideas that you shared with me, I decided to make make sweet potato fries, fried chicken, potato salad, french toast and blueberry cobbler. All of these are absolutely delicious but normally not that good for you. So the task was how to take these comfort foods and turn them into healthier dishes that don’t make you feel guilty. I mean who doesn’t want french toast without the guilt and extra pounds?

CLICK HERE to watch the Access Hollywood Live video!


I’m so excited to share this with you and for the video to be seen. It’s a real fun segment! Also, if you want the recipe for the french toast, check it out here! The rest of the recipes I’ll get up as soon as possible, promise my little love bugs.


Here are my top tips for comfort foods made healthy:

French fries: Swap white potato for sweet potato 

Fried chicken: Swap white flour for oats

Potato salad: Swap mayo and eggs for Greek Yogurt

French toast: Swap maple syrup for heated up berries

Blueberry cobbler: Swap butter for coconut oil


I would love to hear your thoughts on the segment, which recipes you liked the most and what YOUR favorite comfort foods made healthy are! Share below!

Lots of love!


PS- If you would like me to come on your local show, radio station, or podcast and share my top health/lifestyle/fitness tips, please email me at info@localhost. I really enjoy doing TV segments and other appearances and would love to help  promote your brand!

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