Crash diets – don’t work, don’t last and are often extremely unhealthy.

15 Apr 2014

Ever been enticed to crash diet to get into your beloved red tight fitted dress or skip a meal because you are going out partying later and want to save your calories for those late night cocktails. Well don’t! Here are several reasons why you should eat a wholesome balanced diet rather than crash diet or skip meals.

Water weight loss – crash diets often encourage rapid weight loss. However this is mainly water retention and muscle deterioration and not fat loss. Since it is mostly water weight being lost on crash diets the body can quickly put this back on if previous eating habits are resumed.

Ruins your metabolism – skipping meals and crash dieting can result in damage to your metabolism. When a person’s calories are restricted their body goes into hunger strike and its metabolism is slowed down. The body is a unique and wonderful machine that interprets the sudden restriction of calories as threatening to its nourishment and therefore protects itself by slowing down its metabolism. The body then increases the production of lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which promotes the storage and transfer of blood fats into body fats. In essence your body is working against you and the next feed it receives it will store as fat rather than burning as fuel.

Fats– healthy fats are needed for the functioning of the human body. Fatty acids are essential for maintaining a proper fat-burning metabolism. A deficiency in healthy fats will also affect your metabolism and internal organs from being as efficient as possible.

Unsustainable – crash dieting, of skipping meals is only sustainable for the short term. After a period of time a person will no longer be able to sustain such a deficiency of calories without resulting in severe damage to their bodies, from exhaustion, to malnutrition the health issues related are endless. Even if a person is happy with the weight they have lost and now intends on eating a more balanced diet they will have to find an equilibrium which may mean instant weight gain in the short term followed by a gradual weight loss to the point in which they are content as their metabolism needs to time to get back to its former self.

Skipping meals makes you eat more later on– skipping meals causes your blood sugar to crash, which can later lead to binging and making unhealthy food choices. This is an extremely unhealthy habit to form. Instead of skipping dinner because you are going partying later try eating a plate full of veggies with lean protein, that way its low calories, but substantial enough to ward off the mid night hunger pangs, allowing you to skip the late night kebab shop run.

The longer you crash diet and skip meals the longer you will be unhappy about your body. Your body needs nourishment and respect. Nurture your body with wholesome foods that provide you with all of your nutritionally requirements and satisfies your hunger and energy requirements. The sooner you start to listen to what your body needs the sooner you will start to be happy with the body that your see in front of you.


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