Detox…Days 4 & 5

21 Nov 2013


So day 4 went pretty darn well and I loved all the food. I started my morning with the morning oats which were sensational. I loved having my tea, lemon water, did a bit of yoga then had this delicious bad boy of a breakfast. Nom nom 2

Lunch was a new recipe that I was testing out for the release of the detox version 2 which will be released in January. I won’t give too many details yet on this, but it’s going to be good. I felt great at lunch and had the snack of hummus and veg again which I am such a fan of!

photo 1

Didn’t have an afternoon snack as lunch was quite late and I went to the gym with loads of energy. This whole time the hardest part has been overeating almonds/nuts for me and the coffee but I skipped the coffee which was good!

Dinner was the stir fry, nothing special enough for a picture haha. I was also too hungry to take one! Today was pretty easy and I found that I was really excited for all the meals. I had loads of energy but was definitely still missing my coffee.


YAY! Almost done. I said I was going to continue the detox an extra day but unfortunately it’s not wasn’t doable as I was leaving my mom’s house and heading to a friends on day 6. Anyways, started today off with the delicious love pancakes. I always forget how tasty these bad boys are! For those following them, I added the chia seeds and oats with the water, let it sit for 10 minutes so the chia seeds gelled up then blended it with the egg, cinnamon and a tiny bit more water then cooked in coconut oil.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.34.57 AM

I didn’t have the morning snack I ate these a bit late and was pretty filled up. However I made the quinoa/cauliflower rice sushi rolls, another recipes I’m working on for the new detox. These were so good and even my mother approved which was pretty amazing!

photo 4
The afternoon snack was the hummus again, yum yum. Feeling good and again went to the gym, which I had a decent amount of energy for. The interesting thing about the detox is that you can find that working out is a bit tougher than usual because you body is releasing toxins from a cellular level and this is totally normal. Don’t push yourself and let the detox do it’s  job!

Dinner was the stir fry which I added to a steamed cabbage leaf as a wrap. My mom loved this too, although I added salmon for hers and tofu for mine.

photo 5


This time around it was easier to do in one sense because I was out of my environment and in my mother’s beautiful and large kitchen. It was easy to make the meals and a pleasure to photograph them with all the Colorado sunlight. The thing I struggled with was the no coffee, although I’m not a coffee drinker. I was jet lagged the whole time and getting up really early but skipped the coffee and I’m happy although I can say as soon as I finished I’ve gone back to my one coffee a day. I don’t really enjoy it, but it’s one of those things I just like. Other than I saw great results although my people on Instagram were commenting mean things that I’m anorexic looking. One of the biggest things that people need to remember is that EVERY SINGLE BODY IS DIFFERENT and I am naturally slim. I workout a good amount lifting so when I treat my body with respect and eat clean my abs show. I also lose weight off my upper body very quickly.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.09.57 AMThe one thing I would ask of people is that you don’t judge and say negative comments to people. Just because I am slim doesn’t mean negative anorexic comments don’t hurt. They do! I work hard to look fit and healthy.

I’m so happy I did the detox and I look forward to doing it again soon to combat all the holiday parties!

You can see my full review on the detox at @staysharpbestrong on Instagram





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