Detox… The Day Before Prep!

15 Nov 2013

I’ve done my detox quite a few times now and each time I do it I find that I struggle with different aspects, it never being the same each time. Sometimes I have such bad cravings for coffee (even though I don’t even drink that much!), sometimes it’s about portion control, sometimes it’s craving chocolate like there’s no tomorrow… my point is that each time you will find it affects you differently. However, I’ve also found that the detox is easier (well, and sometimes also harder) each time I do it. I learn what to expect, what to do differently next time and always end the 5 days with learning something new about my body, nutrition, and appreciating taking those 5 days for myself.

I’ve decided to journal my five days this time around so you all can follow my personal time throughout the detox, which will hopefully inspire and motivate you to do it with me, continue it next time and continue to do it every month. I am human, like everyone else, and have various reason I do the detox. This time around, it’s not so much about weight loss (well, it never really has been for me) but it IS about clearing my skin, getting more energy, getting rid of cravings, and a lot about losing bloating.

The past few weeks have been quite stressful and sadly when you are stressed your body releases more cortisol into your system, which causes your digestion to shut down. That causes a whole lot of problems such as constipation, bloating, acne, dull skin, and lack of energy. All this from being stressed! So my goal for the next five days is to really relax, as I’m now back home in Colorado and taking some time for myself. I do plan on exercising during the detox, which is totally fine (just don’t overdo it so you increase portion sizes) and hiking everyday. I plan on nourishing my body through all the amazing foods on the detox, teas that cleanse your body, and appreciating cooking the meals.

So stay tuned for my first day tomorrow.

Oh… and you can see my acne picture below. I’m not very happy sharing this… because I’m like everyone else and get so self conscious. But I decided to share the before and after of my skin because it does clear up after five days and I also wanted to show that I’m human like everyone else and get the same problems as you all.



I’ve had pretty bad acne my whole life and have been on accutane three times!! three!! and funny enough the biggest difference I ever saw in my skin was went I really changed to a clean eating diet. In January last year my skin was just incredible. That lasted a few months and over the summer I got so stressed that my skin just was not cooperating. So sad. Anyhoo, each time I do the detox it clears so I’m pretty excited for it to look better soon! 🙂

Below is my grocery shopping. I did all my meal prep and am totally set for my start tomorrow. I’m so beyond excited. I know how good I can feel after the five days and I get so inspired by all the emails and pictures I get tagged on from Instagram.


So let the games begin!… or wait…. wrong slogan…. let the DETOXING begin!

Will report in after tomorrow, which will be day 1.



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