Detoxing… Day 1

16 Nov 2013

Well, here we are! Day one comes to an end. It was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be and I cheated slighly, but stuck with the foods just overate.

So how did it go? I flew in from London to Colorado on Wednesday, so last night was my first full day/night being in CO… which led to some wicked jetlag. I went to bed around 9pm on Wednesday and ended up waking up at 3.30am this morning. I wasn’t able to fall asleep again and at 5am I nearly got a coffee because I was so tired, but instead I brewed some ground cacao (it’s a perfect replacement to coffee as it has a semi similar flavor but no sugar, additives, but tons of antioxidants). In the coffee press I added a bag of Yerba Matte green tea for some extra caffeine and to fill the green tea quota for the morning. While this was brewing I had my lemon water which made me feel pretty good, considering it was 5am!


I meant to do yoga this morning, but just was too exhausted so I skipped it and made the morning oats which I had around 8am. It was so yummy and reminded me how much I love eating this breakfast. Typically, each morning I end up having a green smoothie so it was lovely to switch it up.

Here’s where things went a bit downhill though…about 20 minutes after breakfast I had another handful of almonds and mixed berries because I was just so low on energy. I forced myself out of the house for a hike before I ended up caving and having a coffee.

Because I wasn’t hungry for my snack (from my pretty much snack after breakfast) I went about my day and had lunch at 1.45pm. I actually wasn’t hungry but I found that as soon as I started chopping all the veggies and making the sauces I couldn’t wait. I nearly gobbled the whole thing in a minute flat! I felt so good and satisfied afterwards….. but then an hour later I went back for more almonds. The hardest part of the detox for me is the nuts. I have a slight obsession with almonds because of their crunch and taste. So yea, ended up eating far far too many of them.

Then came dinner and I wasn’t hungry because of all the almonds. But I forced myself to eat because I know that skipping dinner or lunch are the two worst meals to skip from the detox. Once I began preparing it, the smells were so good in my kitchen I actually couldn’t wait to sit down and eat.


So that was my full day. As I said, I struggle with various things on the detox for one reason or another and today was no different. I’m hoping to get a full night’s sleep so I am feeling good and can follow the detox better tomorrow! Hope it’s going great for everyone else who’s doing it with me!



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