Detoxing… Here we go again

17 Nov 2014

If you’ve been following me recently you know that today I started the detox today. For all 5 days I’ll be doing some updates on how it’s going for me. Don’t forget to join the conversation on my Facebook page and let me see your meal pics + get a chance to be featured on my IG account by using the #staysharpbestrong.

Okay, so day one. So far it’s not been the best. I started getting a sore throat this weekend and I guess it kind of took hold of me this morning. I felt great when I got up, had my lemon water with lots of superfood powders in it {maca, spirulina, wheatgrass from Organic Burst} along with turmeric and cayenne pepper. I like to do this to really give my body that boost in the morning. I followed it with the morning oats which I always forget how delicious they are… it’s amazing how food can be so yummy in it’s natural state without added salt or sugar. I had the hummus and veggies as a snack, then lunch. All going great so far.


Except for the fact that I’m DEAD tired. Haven’t drank enough water and ended up falling asleep inthe middle of the day for a few hours. I woke up and my body was desperately craving sugar. {By now you all know this- that when you are tired your body wants to wake up and therefore craves sugar. Which is why it’s so important to have a good nights sleep.} It’s strange because I slept a lot last night, in fact I couldn’t even stay awake for a movie at 10pm which is very unlike me. I ended up cheating a little bit and had my berries and almonds as a snack, except I added a little bit of tahini {I seem to ALWAYS overdo it on the nuts and tahini when on the detox} and I had a few frozen dates. These are most definitely not part of the detox, so I am feeling a little guilty. It was either that or coffee. Lose lose either way. 2508902BUT…as I always say, if you mess up or cheat {on the detox or any other diet you are doing} just continue like normal. I realize my body is telling me something so I am just trying to take it easy and relax today. I have a spin class at 4.30 which I’m sure I’ll be exhausted for, but oh well.

Normally day one is the best for me so I’m a bit bummed I’m not off to a good start. However there is tomorrow and four more days. I will possibly continue through Saturday, depending on how I feel as I will be going from this to eating dinner out every night in Colorado next week, so one extra day will be good for me I’m sure.

Hope the detox is going great for everyone so far!

With love,


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