Donkeys, Glamping & Gili Meno

08 Mar 2015

beautiful fresh fruit!

Day 2: Getting To Gili Meno

I awoke to the same weather as the previous two nights, which was complete downpour. I did yoga in my room at 5am as I couldn’t sleep because of jet lag (and probably from going to bed at 9pm), packed, and headed to the restaurant on the beach for a fresh coconut and coffee. Checked out, did the 30 minute drive to Pandang Bai, where the boats take off from. Our group had been notified the day before that the boat we all had booked would not be taking us directly to Gili Meno and instead we would be taken to Gili Trawangan, and we would then transfer boats to arrive here. No problem, I think.


a few solitary moments of no rain


All the people going to the training are all waiting on the dock and we start chatting and meeting each other. Nice way to start the morning. We board, take our seats down underneath and are on our way. Easy peasy… until the boat stops suddenly and we sit in the water for a few minutes. This happens a few times, until we finally get to Gili Trawangan. Nothing like a little test to see if you can handle being in the water with a possible broken boat haha! Now here comes the fun part. We get out of the boat and into the water, rolling pant legs up and taking off shoes, then wait on the beach for our bags to be handed to us over the boat and pray they don’t fall in the water. Now, I did not pack badly, but I definitely do not have a light bag, and this is mainly because of the books that we had to bring, our yoga mat, towel, etc. etc. So I ask if they will help me carry it; fine, fine. They do. We then are supposed to bring our bags down the beach and reload them onto a very small boat. No way this is happening as dragging it is impossible and you all know how impressive my arm strength is! I again ask if they can help, and get a tad nervous he will drop my bag in the water because he looks a bit annoyed. (He didn’t, thank goodness.) So we are all on the new, smaller boat when we realize one of the girls is not there. One of the guys who helped with luggage go off to look for her, come back and say no problem, she’s on another boat going to Gili Meno…we all seem a bit dubious.


getting our bags off the boat


our new boat along with all our stuff


donkeys and carts!

So we take off for the 10 minute journey, get to the next island, and again our bags are hoisted off and we are supposed to grab them. Lucky me, they help with my bag again and then we sort getting everything to the place we will be staying. This happens with donkeys. They are attached to carts like horses and all the bags go at the back, normally where passengers sit. There are no cars on Gili Meno so the donkeys are the only way to get your stuff around. Finally they take off and my gosh do they go fast! Like really, really fast. It was quite funny actually.

We all are told to follow the donkeys, almost get lost and get to Mao Meno, our new home for the next 3 weeks. There is one guy to greet us (who we later find out owns it) and help sort our rooms, kind of. It’s all a bit confusing and we are left wondering why it seems so disorganized. All good though and we find out we are to go wander and learn a bit of the island for ourselves. Anyways, suffice to say, we are all a bit shocked when we see the rooms. I’m personally in the ‘artist house,’ which only has one room, which I’m in and the other girls are all basically sleeping on the deck. We all have the nets around our beds to keep out the bugs…and we are in nature. A good way to put it is Glamping. My room is actually quite nice, with a lovely big bed and inside, however it being inside also means there is no breeze. Like at all. But it’s cute, very rustic and I am happy with it, except for the toilet which is pretty much outside.IMG_4938


Finally arriving on Gili Meno

A bit later we finally see the girl who went missing; she did not get on a boat here. She was asleep on the first boat which ended up taking her to Lombok, where she had to get on another boat to come back, a few hours later. To make matters a bit worse for her, her bag was lost (and still isn’t here). What a way to start a yoga teacher training (and after a 40 hour journey with the delays and all!). This all makes me very thankful that I had such a luxurious day of travel here, albeit a bit tiring, but not to shabby to be flying business class and arriving pretty refreshed.

Finally at 4:30pm, it was off to do our meet and greet with the instructors, everyone else officially, and do a bit of meditation before dinner. All was great and we started off very excited. Great news as the next morning for Day 1 we would be getting up for meditation at 6am, to start our 12-hour+ day. We were then served dinner, which we get breakfast, a snack, and dinner every day and are able to go buy lunch anywhere on the island we please. The meals provided are all vegan, which is fine by me, and quite healthy at that. Minimal (possibly no) salt, very healthy, lots of macrobiotic style ingredients and nothing processed. Right up my alley, so detoxing AND learning yoga. Saweeeet. Dinner is a delicious vegetable curry with brown rice and tempeh crackers.

We all go to bed happy, full and excited as it starts raining, and not just your everyday rain….

stay tuned for DAY 1 of the yoga teacher training…

With Love, N

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