Eat This For Better Sex!

24 Jul 2014

Whether or not you want to discuss sex, it’s human nature that we have it, want it and want to have good sex at that. Each to their own about when you start having it, with who, etc. However, I do believe in eating the right kinds of foods to increase your libido and keep your body healthy. Below I’ve put together my top 10 list of what to eat to be better in bed.


1. dark chocolate. A good quality dark chocolate will boost those feel good hormones, releasing the same chemicals as sex does, including dopamine and norepinephrine. Be sure to have 70% or higher and forgo ones with high levels of sugar or milk, as these will have the opposite effect of the wonderful cacao.



2. maca powder. While this is newer on the market, maca powder has been around for ages and has all sorts of wonderful benefits, which is why it’s known as a superfood. Maca helps to increase endurance (which helps both in the bedroom and on the gym floor), stamina, it boosts libido, and helps to relieve menstrual pains such as cramps, anxiety and mood swings. Add 1/2 tsp to smoothies or just a glass of water to get the benefits.


3. almonds. These delicious nuts contain selenium, which helps prevent fertility issues, the mineral zinc that produces sex hormones in men and helps to boost libido and vitamin E to help heart health. The omega 3 fatty acids found in almonds help to increase blood flow. They are also a good source of protein, giving you muscle recovery.


4. ginger. Most people know that chili is very good to increase libido, however ginger has similar effects by increasing circulation. It is anti inflammatory and helps to remove toxins, making your body healthier immediately, with more energy to get frisky under the sheets. Adding ginger in powder or pill form is a great way to have it in your diet although fresh is always best. Try grating fresh ginger into a salad dressing or smoothie or boil chopped slices for homemade ginger tea (which is also cheaper than store bought tea bags).


5. raspberries. These delicious berries are high in vitamin C which help to increase your immune system (no one wants to be sick when trying to get down and dirty) and they help the production of estrogen, androgen and progesterone; the sex hormones. Not only are they tantalizingly juicy, succulent and red, they help to treat erectile dysfunction, making them a great thing to share with your partner when nibbling on dessert.


6. cinnamon. This delicious spice is not only helps to increase circulation but is a great alternative for sugar. There is nothing worse for killing your sex drive than sugar, so using cinnamon gives you all the health benefits you could need such as increasing metabolism, helps burn fat by keeping your blood sugar levels stable and prevents yeast infections (another killer for have a healthy sex life).


7. goji berries. These tiny red berries improve stamina, mood, well being and increase testosterone levels, increasing libido in both men and women. One of my favorite ways to get the benefits of this superfood is by brewing 1tbsp of the berries in boiling hot water, letting it sit for 10 minutes then drinking the slightly sweet water.


8. bee pollen. Bee pollen increases endurance, helps you to cope with stress and boosts the immune system. This is due to it being a complete protein containing all the amino acids needed by our body, as well as containing essential fatty acids and vitamins, all of which boost your mood, increases sperm count in men and increases fertility.It is also known for aiding in recovery from chronic illness, reduces cravings and addictions and prevents cold and flu. Enjoy 1 tsp over your porridge in the morning or mix into coffee.


9. basil. Basil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce swelling in the body and making blood flow easier to all body parts (including those sexual organs we want to excite). It also has been known to promote sexual desire in men just by smelling it. It increases blood flow and heart rate. One of the best ways to get the benefits of basil is adding it to smoothies (strawberry and basil anyone?), letting it sit in a jug of water with slices of cucumber or adding it to your soups or salads.


10. garlic. While garlic may be counter-intuetivie to being a food to help your libido because of the lingering taste in your mouth, body and skin, it is actually one of the best. This is because of it’s ability to improve blood flow to organs, due to the allicin. Extra blood flow means more sensitivity. Double win for health AND sexual benefits.


Hope this list helps you and that you’ll be enjoying better time under the sheets 🙂



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