Erica: weightloss story of a 65lb loss!

Just over a year ago I was ending a 5 year really bad relationship with an even worse guy who I spent most of my time sitting around with watching movies, snacking and gaining weight. I decided it was time to make a change for ME.

I am 5’8″ and started at a whopping 224 pounds (I stopped getting my picture taken when I hit 200 lbs because I HATED the way I looked!) By my high school graduation, I hit 205 pounds and then in October 2012 I was down to 165 ☺

I I started my journey by joining a gym and started working out at least 8 hours a week (mostly cardio to start with) as well as completely changing my diet and eating clean!! For the first four months, I completely cut out dairy and carbs (probably the HARDEST thing I did because I LOVE dairy and bread haha). I also cut out all drinks besides water (yes, that includes alcohol! I haven’t had more than one glass of wine a month since starting and I have to say, I really don’t miss it!!)

It’s been one year and four months and I’m down to 161 pounds!! I still have another 20 or so to lose until I reach my final goal but I cannot believe the progress I’ve archived thus far!!! I started doing yoga a few weeks ago and now do yoga almost every day as well as still working out at home and at the gym in my apartment building and I am continuing my clean eating.

I eat a lot of lean turkey/chicken, tuna, salmon and vegetables/fruits and avoid carbs besides whole grain rice and potatoes! Remember: home made is always better so take the time on sunday to do some meal prep for the week and you won’t be as tempted to go for the easy fast foods that are no good after a long day at work!

I NEVER thought I’d have the success I’ve had so far (I honestly thought I’d be unhealthy for life no matter what I did) I plan to continue exercising and eating as best as I can and I would just like to say thank you @skinnyminime_xoxo for all of your inspiration and recipe posts that have helped me through this journey!!

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