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11 May 2016

Ever wonder why that perfect outfit sometimes only looks so perfect on the store mannequin? Let me tell you what I have learned from the fashion industry my loves – sometimes it seems to forget that we don’t all look the same. And I don’t know about you, but I am so glad we don’t! How boring would that be? It’s time we feel comfortable in our own skin, and finding the fashion that makes you look and feel your very best is the perfect place to start.

As a model, I got used to being handed an outfit and being expected to rock it – whether or not it was necessarily the best style or shape for my body in particular.


The truth is – the same article of clothing IS NOT going to look the same on different women of all shapes and sizes. Even though models are expected to be thin, that doesn’t mean they are all shaped exactly the same, now does it? I am a firm believer that EVERY body shape is beautiful in its own way and we should each be able to celebrate our uniqueness. How uninspiring and dull would the world be if we all looked the exact same? So fashion shouldn’t treat women like we were all molded from the exact same cookie cutter, now should it?


That is why I am currently in love with the suits of South Beach Swimsuits. A few weeks ago I did a shoot in this bandeau style one-piece South Beach carries from designer Gottex and it made me feel absolutely amazing!

South Beach does something I find to be revolutionary – they help women find the style of suits that compliment THEM and their beautiful, individual selves. I’m pretty tall, and though I carry a lot of that in my legs, I have a long torso as well. South Beach Swimsuits explains on their website that a dynamic bandeau style neckline and horizontal prints are perfect for those rocking the long torso like myself. The Gottex Costa Brava Bandeau One Piece was exactly that and I LOVED IT. This suit was designed by Gottex, which uses cultural influences in the design of every suit. You all know how much I love to see the world, and I also love to see how the world can inspire fashion. I so recommend taking a look on South Beach Swimsuits for your newest summer addition to make you feel your best.


No matter where you may be in your fitness journey, you should feel beautiful in the skin you’re in RIGHT NOW. Even if you have weight you want to lose or muscle you want to gain, know that you ARE beautiful and rock the fashion that makes you feel your best! As you continue to reach your fitness goals this satisfaction will continue to grow, but we move forward best from a place of loving ourselves, not punishing our bodies!

What makes you feel beautiful? Is there a type of fashion or beauty product that has you feeling your best? I would love to hear your own personal beauty secrets, share in the comments below <3


Photos by my awesome friend: Kaelan Barowsky



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