How to Finally Get Rid of Acne

06 Sep 2016

Summer is here, that pool party you’ve been waiting to wear your new bikini to, but what else has popped up? A pimple to ruin your day! We’ve all been there. We all know how frustrating acne can be. We read article after article about the new acne-clearing trends, spend thousands on lasers, lotions, pills, and other treatments. But what actually works? Keep reading to learn how I cleared my skin for good and how you can finally get rid of acne!

  1. Don’t touch! I know it’s tempting to pick, but I promise it will only make it worse and you will be left with scars. Also, make sure to keep your hands and phone away from your face throughout the day. Dirt, oils, gross!
  2. Simplify your routine. Speak with a doctor and/or do your research. Find a skincare line that works for your skin. Try using natural, organic products as much as possible. Avoid using harsh products, which can irritate your skin. See my biggest tips for morning and night below.
  1. Cosmetic Related Acne. Make sure your makeup products are not causing your breakouts. Look for hypoallergenic and natural products. If you are still experiencing breakouts, try switching to mineral makeup and see if this helps. Also make sure you are washing your makeup brushes & pillowcases!
  1. You are what you eat! Acne is an external sign of an internal problem. Stop trying to put a band-aid over the problem, and focus on the cause. Good skin starts from the inside out. Eat clean, real foods. This means nothing processed, no TV dinners, etc. You can take this one step further and try an elimination diet to see if any of the following foods are causing breakouts. Common food sensitivities: Dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, shellfish, nuts
  1. Get moving! Exercising increases blood flow, unclogs pores through sweating, and reduces stress. Make sure your face is cleaned before and right after working out.
  1. Stress. When your body is stressed, there is a hormone fluctuation that causes an increase in the amount of oil your skin secretes. Meditation & Yoga can help reduce this stress.
  1. Hormones. If you have done all of the following and are STILL having breakouts, get your hormones checked. There are many methods to help balance hormones, such as birth control, spironolactone, and vitamins such as DIM, zinc, maca or vitex berry. Make sure to consult with your doctor.

My fool-proof routines for clear skin:



  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Cleansing oils and goat milk are great. I sometimes just splash my face with water if I am just going to the gym or running errands.
  • Serum/Product: Vitamin C & E are great daytime products to incorporate in your daily routine.
  • Moisturize & SPF: I like to use a light moisturizer during the day. Look for oil-free and non-comedogenic.


  • Repeat the same steps, but switch up your products. I still like to use a gentle cleanser, but you can use an acne-fighting cleanser. Manuka honey is also a great cleanser, as it has antibacterial and healing components.
  • Product: Retinoid is your new best friend. Not only do the vitamin A derivatives boost collagen production to help minimize wrinkles (enough said), they also boost skin cell turnover, which clears up acne and keeps pores unclogged. Sulfer is great for spot treating. I am also a huge fan of face masks!
  • Moisturizer: A heavier moisturizer can be used at night. Jojoba oil is great.
  • I know you are all washing your face at night, no matter what!

PS- don’t forget to check THIS post on my favorite DIY mask (that you’re going to want to eat, it’s so yummy!)

PPS- here are some more of my can’t live without products that I’ve been using recently for skin (I’m going to do another longer blog post about them because I have some pretty amazing before and after’s from these past few months and how well these products work!). I start with the Cream Cleanser, followed by the Night Cream, and if I need a bit of an extra boost I’ll add a serum on top.

With all that being said, and me sharing my top tips, I’d love to know YOUR tips on clearing acne! What have you found works or doesn’t? Are you all for natural products or doctor prescribed? Share below! 

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing my personal skin care journey and battling acne since I was 11 years old. I haven’t decided if I’ll do a youtube video or blog post, so let me know what you prefer.

Tons of (clear skin) love,


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  1. You are right. I agree with your each point. I was suffering from acne and the cause was low ingredient skin care products. After visited my dermatologist office, got advice that I have to replace the cosmetics. As her direction, I have replaced my skin care product by high ingredient skin care product. After a few week use of it, I have got my clear skin. The acne has gone. How cool ! BTW Thanks for sharing your helpful tips for who are suffering from acne.

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