Getting Active in Colorado

28 Jul 2015

IMG_9946Sometimes you just need to get away from life.

This was the case for me when I returned home to Colorado this past weekend and boy oh boy was it needed. Since getting back from Bali in May work has taken off and it’s been busy, to say the least. It’s actually been one of those cases of ‘be careful what you wish for’ because I had very specifically said that I wanted to be very busy this summer and get a lot done. Well, that came true and far beyond my wildest dreams. It’s been crazy busy and I’ve run myself into the ground with work recently.

For those of you who have been following my posts on Instagram, I have been working on a brand new ebook that is filled with delicious recipes to keep up with a clean lifestyle. That has been crazy amounts of work all on it’s own. I’m also working on a whole rebrand for my company, which was has been super exciting but also lots of work. Most important, and MOST EXCITING, is the announcement of my 5 Day Detox book (!!!)- that is going to be published this March. I just got done with the 5 day photo shoot (coincidental, it’s a 5 day shoot to match my 5 day detox…that was not planned, haha!). That was SO much fun, but very time consuming. I also finished my first round of edits from my publisher and now am deciding on what the cover will be.

Anyhoo, more on the book later!


Let’s get back to colorful Colorado! So I was born and raised in Boulder, but my mom lives in Silverthorne now, right by a private lake. Not too shabby, hey? My boyfriend and myself jumped on a plane Thursday morning and arrived to the sun shining and a blue sky. As I took my first selfie of the trip the sun managed to give these beautiful rays of light that covered my face. It really was the universe showing me that I was meant to be there, to rest and relax.

IMG_9729{my mom’s backyard}



The first afternoon was spent sipping wine, learning how to fly fish, watching the sunset and enjoying some delicious food my mother had made. It really was the perfect way to unwind after being in LA and working my butt off for the past few weeks.


The following morning we all headed to the golf course, where my mom had begged convinced my bf and I to take a golf lesson. She’s super into golf and had paid for us to hit balls with the local pro. I’ve only played golf one other time a few years ago and I was not completely sober when doing so. This time it was actually WAY more fun because I learned proper form and was able to hit the balls pretty darn far! My bf and I even made a bet as to who could hit the best (farthest) balls, out of 5 and I won. Woohoo! $100!

Unfortunately, it was pretty grey weather and starting raining, luckily right after our lesson. We all stopped for lunch at the club house, then headed back home. It gave me some time to work on my book manuscript, which I needed to do over the weekend. The rest of the day was pretty mellow, but exactly what was needed.


Hiking is one of my all-time favorite things to do (well, okay, aside from cycling, traveling, cooking, etc.) but still, I do love me some hiking! My mom has an awesome trail that starts out from the back of her house, so bf and I put on our shoes and headed up. It’s not a long hike, took around 90 minutes up and down, but this included many stops to take photos and enjoy the view. It was actually his first time ever hiking and I was super excited that I was able to take him in Colorado.

One of the things I love to share with everyone is how to stay healthy while traveling- and being active outdoors is a great way. No matter where you are, getting outside is an awesome way to sight see while getting your body active. It helps to balance naughty food you might be having or any indulgences with alcohol.


Following our hike we got back, made some lunch (sourdough bread with homemade hummus, avocado, cucumber sandwiches) then rented bikes over in Frisco. My bf has recently gotten into biking and was super excited to do some cycling in Colorado, something that I personally love to do. The route was around Dillion lake, which took us over Swan Mountain (not an easy climb, let me tell you!) and back into Frisco. By the time we got home we were knackered.

Oh yea, I managed to get a pretty awesome sunburn on my back which is still here as I write this a few days later. #oops.



That night we had some family friends over and my mom and I cooked. Her, making her famous ribs, me making mashed cauliflower and roasted vegetables. We had a camp fire and I made s’mores. Something I haven’t done since I was probably 10. It was delicious although I was never able to get the hang of melting the chocolate! haha.


Our last day was spent going to the outlet shops, hello Nike outlet! and then it was on to Vail Farmer’s market. This was really fun, considering farmers markets are one of my favorite things during summer. We scoped out what to eat  and I settled on a salad and green juice, courtesy of local sellers.

We took the gondola up, went on the slides at the top, had a cheeky beer, and took lots of photos. Vail is so beyond pretty! 



After a few days, it was time to head back to LA, where I now sit here in Cafe Gratitude writing this. It was a beautiful trip, filled with friends, family, good food, exercise and some much needed relaxing. While it didn’t relieve any of the work I have going on, it was a lovely getaway to refocus my mind on what I need to be doing for the upcoming month.

So what do I recommend if you’re heading to this part of the world?

– Definitely rent a bike and cycle around the lake, even if you don’t do the full thing around.

– Head to the Tiki Bar over in Dillion for some drinks overlooking the mountains.

– The outlet shops!

– Vail Farmer’s Market. Get some samples from Nicola’s raw tent, a fresh coconut, peaches (if you’re there during summer), and sample the various other food.

– Get your hike on at any number of locations around the area.

– Sample margaritas at The Rio.


{my mom’s dog hiding under the pillows}

With Love, N


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