Healing Candida Naturally

17 Mar 2021

Hello beautiful family!

It’s been a minute since I’ve been on the blog, sharing my thoughts with you all – and the interesting thing is that anytime I am “gone” for prolonged periods of time I always find it hard to get back into it. However, today is the day my loves! And that is because this is a topic that I have been asked lots of questions about and realized my IG post wasn’t quite enough space to write all that I wanted to.

As you can tell from the title, we are talking about candida and healing candida naturally

It seems like a many of you have it or think that you do. What I can say is that while we were busy before Covid with the go-go-go of life, it appears that staying home with the ever-changing rules is absolutely getting to people. I definitely have battled weight gain, drinking too much during quarantine, and then yay, candida. I point this out that if you are going through this or anything else with your body, just know that you are NOT alone. We are all doing the best we can and the body is smart. It holds onto emotion and stores our pain in our body, even if we are not aware.

The blessing of this though, is that it is actually the universe’s way of delivering messages to us. Tricky yet sometimes (okay, always) necessary. Well played Universe, well played.

Preface about my candida



In 2017 I wrote about having candida and was really nervous to share it. I judged myself (hard) because I thought that if I’m the health expect giving you all tips, how could I possibly be going through something like this myself. I was ashamed for so long which only made it worse. Sharing it definitely helped as I learned that a lot of others had as well. The funny part is that although I was scared to tell you all, I actually felt closer to this community.

In the end I did heal the candida, only it took a LOT longer than I would have liked. I share what I did in this blog post and so many of the tips I will share today I did already mention. However, I’ve learned so much more since then and am actually quite excited to write about it this time. Amazing how time can help us not only heal your heart, body, and mind…but it can also help us to truly accept who we are and show up with more love for ourselves.




As mentioned above, we have all gone through something during this year-long drastic change in the world. I personally have moved 3x during quarantine, started a new job and left because of the toxic nature of it, pushed myself harder than ever in business, dealt with some traumatic relationship drama, fell in love, became happier and more fulfilled then ever. AND… because I have not been able to travel as much as I used to, I was forced to deal with some inner work that I really didn’t want to.

There’s been good things, hard moments, incredible ones, and blessings from the Universe through it all.

So it was a bit of a shock that I got candida at a moment when my life was actually GREAT. I am healthier than I’ve been in a while, super fulfilled, in a wonderful relationship and honestly couldn’t be happier. But there is always something the universe has in store for us to learn. (Yay, lol.)

How I got candida this time around was when I was in the Caribbean with a private client over the holidays I got a yeast infection. I took monestat which seemed to work. Only I got a UTI right afterwards which didn’t seem to go away. Cut to going to the doctor, taking antibiotics for it + a round of diflucan for yeast that was still present, the UTI was still bothering me. Another round of even stronger antibiotics and I’d now been on 3 types in one month. Not good.

I actually haven’t taken anything that strong in a very, very long time so I just listened to the doctors, forgetting that antibiotics literally kill your gut flora and can cause a whole range of great (being sarcastic) side effects. Yes, they absolutely can work and I’m not bashing the medical industry. Rather, taking this many didn’t heal my UTI or yeast infections and only seemed to make my symptoms prolonged.

In the photo above you can see the bloating I had would happen the second I would even take a sip of water. This is a side effect of antibiotics.

I was losing hope…



I was losing my mind and hope. Each passing day I would feel less energetic, frustrated, crying because I didn’t know what to do. I was bloated all the time which was so beyond uncomfortable, not to mention the fatigue + UTI symptoms still being present.

I started taking tons of natural supplements for healing the gut microflora which did help a tiny bit. It wasn’t until I was on a call with a group of women (click here to check it out) where I listened to an ER doctor who also specializes in herbs that stated she had gone through the same thing as me and some additional supplements to combat the candida. Oh shit… Candida. Why didn’t it click before?!

Once I realized that it was candida everything made sense. I definitely had a sense of peace knowing what it was and equal frustration because I know how frustrating it can be to get rid of it.

The supplements I ordered right after that call are pictured below. (I also started a prebiotic which is not pictured.) I’m not going to go into they ‘why’ for all of them as you can research them but I’m linking all of them HERE to buy.



The other thing I started to do was be a bit more careful with my diet. Now, you might be wondering what this means as I teach health and therefore must eat super healthy, right? Yes and no. I’ve really learned how to have a balanced diet. 90% is plant based with colorful, nutrient-dense foods. Do I still drink alcohol, have pasta, bread and cheese? Absolutely.

When you have candida you are supposed to go on the incredibly strict Candida Diet, which I chose not to do when I had it years ago due to me feeling my eating disorders would get triggered. I am also a believer that anytime you do something too strict, when you come off it, this can cause the body to go the complete opposite way. This time around I also chose not to do it.

For those wondering, the Candida diet is mainly protein based (think of paleo) with almost no fruit, lots of eggs, meat, chicken, fish, and tons of vegetables. Now, for someone who is mainly vegan, this doesn’t work too well. I LOVE my grains, black beans, and all things of that nature. But I did get a bit more conscious of what I was eating, meaning I skipped all fruit for a week, had no carbs such as pasta/bread, ate very clean plant-based. I swapped from wine to vodka + soda if I wanted a drink.

Lessons from getting it again


The biggest thing I learned this time around was that this was actually SUCH a gift. It’s interesting reading back on my old posts a few years ago because I can feel the shame and judgement I have around it. I realized how much pressure I put on myself to be perfect for you all, which then only backfired on me because there is no such thing as perfection.

So what do I mean that this was a GIFT?

It helped me to slow down and really understand WHY I might have gotten candida in the first place, especially when things were going so well in my life. The more inner / deep spiritual work I do, the more things get uncovered for me to look at and this was another layer that I had been seeing but hadn’t quite given my full attention to.

Over the course of my career I’ve always had a tendency to go-go-go. I work hard as heck, I travel a ton, I show up as the best friend I can, I’m always there for people in my life. I am on IG and other social networks. I am busy. And yet, I was doing all of these things without putting much attention on myself, or that incredibly important deep self-care.

And so the gift of this was it really made me slow down because I was so damn tired all the time. I had no steam left in the engines. The cell phone battery had died. (All analogies to how I was feeling.) It helped me to see that I was overextending myself, keeping myself busy, and not listening to my own inner signals to be present with myself.

The moment I started noticing this it felt like a veil had been lifted. Suddenly I was able to acknowledge how overwhelmed I was. How tired I was. How I felt I was always busy but never working on the things that really gave me fulfillment.

With all that being said, I’ll drop a few bullet points of what I learned – hopefully these apply to your life too.

  • SLOW DOWN: when your body is telling you something is wrong, such as a headache, stomach ache, hair loss, weight gain, constipation, candida, etc… truly slow down to understand what is going on
  • GET CURIOUS: whenever your body gives you these signals it’s an opportunity to look deeper into your life and understand what changes need to be made; don’t come at them with judgement or anger, instead be open to whatever lessons are coming to you
  • PRIORITIZE HEALTH: this is oversimplified, but do what makes YOU feel better in your life; honor yourself and make the changes you know that your body is calling for
  • HEALING TAKES TIME: we have been brought up in a society that we want immediate results now and guess what, just as your candida/ weight gain, etc. didn’t come overnight (it was built up from poor eating, stress, etc.), it won’t go away overnight. Be patient and honor yourself


Has my candida gone away fully? Not yet as I can tell when I have a slightly ‘naughty’ weekend my body reminds me it’s still there. But what a blessing to be able to listen to myself and work on the changes that need to happen to have a deeper mind, body, and soul connection.


I appreciate you reading this far! I know it was a longer post. If you have any questions about candida, the healing journey, or anything else, DROP IT BELOW!





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