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29 Dec 2014

UntitledThere’s something about visiting a health food store and picking up new products that almost makes me more giddy than going clothes shopping. It’s like stepping into a space that I know the items being sold will make me feel amazing, help with my health, and can be combined to make amazing recipes. I don’t know about you, but I lurve new food items!

I recently went to Erewhon Market in LA and fell in love. I’ve never been there and I absolutely loved it. It specialized in raw foods, organic, gluten free, and all things good. While I do seriously love Whole Foods, I sometimes feel that they don’t promote the health products that they used to and use a lot of unnecceasry ingredients in many of their prepared foods that you can buy to eat there. I still love it, however I found this new place to be pretty amazing! It was small, very specialized and I wanted to buy every. single. product.

I ended up leaving with: SweetLeaf stevia drops in coconut flavor, Genuis Juice in the original coconut smoothie, Explore Asia black bean pasta, Bulletproof XCT oil, and Flavorganics peppermint extract oil.

I’ve used the stevia drops and extract oil, both in different flavors so I thought these could be cool to try. I have been using the stevia in my coffee in the morning and can I just say- I love it! The extract I’ve used in cookies, smoothies, and a raw cake I made. Pretty darn delicious! And the XCT oil is for bulletproof coffee (unsalted organic butter, coconut oil and black coffee all blended together). I try not to drink coffee too often, but I love having the bulletproof one because you are increasing your healthy fats which are amazing for increased brain function, keeping you full and insulting your organs. The smoothie was delicious; it is made from just coconut and water yet is filling, tastes great and I used half the bottle just to drink and the other half in a smoothie. Now the black bean pasta was something I’ve never tried before. I have to admit I still haven’t used it because I need to figure out what sauce to put on, but I’m thinking a creamy cashew cheese one…sounds yum, right?

Anyhoo, I figured I would share my products I buy each time I go shopping because I know it’s always interesting to see what others buy and what cool new products are on the market.

With Love, N


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