Why Hello, Again!

04 Apr 2015

Why hello, again my dear friends! It’s been a little bit of time, hasn’t it? For those of you who have been keeping up with my travels, I’m in Bali right now and it’s about 500 degrees Celcius as I write this at 11am on Easter. I’m sitting at my hotel, Anantara in Seminyak, watching all these people surf which looks quite incredible. I think I will have to get out there as soon as I am done writing this to you all!


Anyhoo, for the past few weeks I’ve been in Bali, on the little island of Gili Meno specifically, doing my yoga teacher training. This finished on March 29, and I then came to the mainland of Bali where I’ve been doing cultural things like going to various temples, more touristy things like visiting Nikki Beach Club (come on, I had to! hehe), and trying out lots of different food here. The training was amazing and I will be sharing my diary entries, so don’t forget to subscribe to Nikki Sharp Lifestyle to keep up to date on how the training was and all my travel photos.

IMG_5352 In the meantime, I will start posting here again with more topics on healthy living, how to stay fit when traveling (one of my favorite topics!), and more on specific foods and workouts I like doing while away.

For those of you who have been getting ready for summer, don’t forget to check out my detox! I so wish I could join you all doing it right now, so if you decide to do it, please tag me in photos so I can see the beautiful food creations and your before and afters!

With Love,


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