How I Became My Own Boss

18 Sep 2015

While so many people dream of pursuing an independent, entrepreneurial career path, becoming your own boss can seem nearly impossible when faced with the reality of daily responsibilities and a salary guaranteed by a 9-to-5.  I often get asked how I make money and how I became my own boss because so many people, as I’m sure many of you, dream of breaking free from corporate jobs and pursuing the freedom of being your own boss.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that my journey of becoming my own boss started with the development of the 5 Day Detox in the right place at the right time. When I started my company Stay Sharp Be Strong, I had no idea what to expect and what kind of issues I would encounter, and yet I was confident in my success because of the support and resources I had at the time. I always knew modeling wouldn’t last forever, or even for more than a couple years, so all I had was the confidence of knowing that I would be able to do anything I set my mind to, including calling the own shots on my career.


For many people though, that confidence in success can just seem unrealistic without the resources or support to move forward. That is why I wanted to share with you an amazing resource in case any of you are looking to become your own boss and just don’t know how to start.

Recently I met a woman named Rosie Paterson after she reached out to me to do an interview for her blog (click the link to watch my video interview with her!). We got to talking, and she is an absolutely amazing and inspiring woman. Rosie left her day job in finance to start Freedom Entrepreneurship Coaching for Professional Women, which helps women break free of their day jobs in order to pursue entrepreneurial careers and start their own businesses.


My favorite part about Rosie’s story is that she was able to quit her day job and spend her time traveling and doing the things she wants to do, while making more money than she ever made at her finance job. She has such a realistic understanding of what it’s like to become your own boss, from the good to the ugly, and she has a deep knowledge of how to deal with every issue and step of the process. As a coach, she helps women figure out the specific steps needed to build the entrepreneurial career and navigate the problems that inevitably arise. It was incredible to talk to someone who truly understand what it’s like to build your own career and navigate this world as your own boss, because it can be very isolating at times.

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My intention with this post is to encourage anyone interested to take this next step in your own lives. While I had the luxury of being able to start my company and figure it out along the way, that isn’t an option for everyone. Rosie is an incredible coach because she has figured out how to help women start their own careers and companies while still keeping the 9-to-5 job for financial security. When you are ready to quit the day job and pursue your own career full time, Rosie will help you through that step as well.

So if you have entrepreneurial drive and are looking to make your dreams a reality, then check out Rosie’s video series to learn more. Once you’ve watched the intro video, check out the details of her coaching program here:  This may sound cheesy, but meeting Rosie has already changed my career and will continue to help me for years to come. I only have the highest praise for Rosie and her coaching program, and I know that she will be able to change all of your lives if you give her the chance.

xoxo Nikki

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