How I Stayed Off Coffee (From A Former Coffee Addict)

27 May 2021

Hi beauties!

I don’t know about you but I love my coffee. Er, well, loved. Past tense. In fact, when I would do my 5-Day Detox I would always struggle with not having it and would typically cave on day 3. I just could not seem to function without it, this was either a mental block or I was actually addicted to the caffeine – probably both. But then one day I just stopped and 10 months later I actually cannot stand the taste of it anymore. I know this is a challenge that a lot of people face and so I wanted to share how I stayed off coffee and some tips for you.

Coffee and caffeine



I’m not going to go into the science behind addiction, nor the actual pros and cons of coffee because there definitely are some benefits to it. Rather, I wanted to just share my personal experience with having it and why I was excited to come off.

I’ve been drinking coffee pretty much since I can remember. I used to have instant coffee with my parents as I went through my later years of high school, then swapped over to filtered coffee and then became the “coffee snob” and would only have a cappuccino. There’s very few days I can actually remember NOT having a cup of joe, be it in London and ordering from Pret to Starbucks in America, to the fancy coffee shops and getting upset if they burnt my milk, to getting on the Bulletproof bandwagon.

However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I was having hard crashes from the caffeine and couldn’t do my detox without having it at least one day. This all seemed normal as coffee is so such a part of our lives.

This past July I started feeling ‘off’ when I would have it. I still felt I needed it, but when I’d have it I couldn’t stand the taste of a black coffee, instead thinking it tasted like tar (not that I know what tar tastes like lol). It started affecting my nervous system as I was feeling a bit burnt out and getting adrenal fatigue.

And so I made the switch to matcha. The full change didn’t happen overnight as I like the caffeine buzz I got from coffee, one that is less than matcha. However, the more I started having matcha drinks, the more I loved the way it made me feel. So much so that I bought a milk frother and started making my own matcha lattes.

Why matcha


Matcha is packed with antioxidants, helps to boost your metabolism, is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins and helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Now, I’m not saying that coffee doesn’t have some benefits, it does, but matcha has some pretty powerful studies done that help you understand the effect that the caffeine has on the body without causing any spikes. This is super important for anyone who feels they are go-go-go, as your adrenals are constantly working in overtime. Having high levels of caffeine can actually promote adrenal fatigue, not to mention sleepless nights if you have it too late.

The more I had my matcha lattes in the morning or slipped a tsp into a smoothie, the more I found I was sleeping better, had lasting energy throughout the day, and my skin actually got better.

I always tell clients that you want to CROWD IN, meaning you want to add nutrients in instead of just removing something cold turkey. That’s why matcha is such a great way to transition off of coffee as you still get caffeine but it affects your body differently, leaving you with the caffeine you want without the crash.

Importance of the right matcha



I’ve tried and tested many different brands over the past year and one of the crazy things I learned was that ‘matcha’ itself in the U.S. is not regulated and there are many ‘powered green teas’ that are not actually matcha. Therefore just about any brand can label it how it wants – this doesn’t mean they are all the same thing. It’s like buying a shirt from H&M versus a luxury brand. It looks the same and you might balk at the price difference, but one was made with quality over quantity, materials being sourced differently and how it’s made (factory workers vs not). This is the same for matcha.

I tried Mizuba Matcha and found that I loved this brand, not only because the matcha tastes amazing, but they work with small (and often family owned) matcha producers in Uji, Japan meaning they are importing high quality tea. Small note, when you’re looking for matcha powder it should be vibrant green and sealed properly in a can, not a bag to keep it from losing antioxidants.

This is a great article on why matcha is pricey – definitely worth the read.

In terms of recipes, I’m adding one from the Mizuba packaging they send when you order. It’s for the Matcha Soda and goodness gracious is it delicious! I actually never thought to add sparkling water. I also love doing an iced matcha latte which is my go-to in warmer months.

If you’re new to matcha or want to make the switch to a high quality one that is rich in antioxidants and better for your health (also knowing that you’re supporting local people in Japan and not just big corporations), I truly recommend Mizuba.

Use code SHARPMATCHA to get 15% off your entire order. I’d recommend getting the Matcha Moment Essentials Set.

I’d love to know your thoughts about coffee vs matcha and your favorite matcha recipe!



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