How To Control Cravings (by guest blogger)

27 Nov 2013

by Bailey Brown

Cravings are like a really hot booty-call. They strike late at night, when you’re feeling bored, lonely and vulnerable. They tempt you. You give in, and you end up regretting them and feeling like shit after.

What is a craving really? And why do they strike so much harder when you’re trying to be good? When trying to eat healthier we tend to put certain foods on a naughty list. This just makes us want them even more! As women we also tend to have a sick emotional, psychological attachment to food that makes us give into temptation.

Recently my motivation and will power have been seriously lacking. I have been a really naughty girl! Eating anything in sight that involves chocolate and peanut butter… and if they come in the form of a gluten-free brownie or ice cream I’m obsessed. This week I will be following my slim down advice from last week and trying to squash my sugar cravings with this weeks tips!

How to Curb a Craving:

1. Avoid Triggers. This seems like common sense. Don’t keep it in the house. Out of sight, out of mind. This is like deleting your ex on Facebook, unfollowing their Instagram and blocking their number. Personally, if I have ice cream or chocolate in the house I’m obsessed with it. Avoidance is number one.

2.Spot Hunger Imposters. Are you even hungry? If you’re about to nosedive into a plate of nachos alone on a Wednesday night, it’s likely all in your head. Drink water, being thirsty gives off the same mental queues as being hungry. Binge on veggies, if you wouldn’t eat veggies you’re probably not hungry.

3.Distract Yourself. Take a minute to recognize what your hunger means. Is there something missing from your diet? Are you really hungry? Try going for a walk or calling a friend.  My fave thing to do is look at pictures of Candice Swanepoel in a bikini.

WWCDStill Need To Have It?

Remember, you have the power. You’re the only person who decides what goes into your body. What I try to do is make a healthier version of what I want.

Ex. Instead of an ice cream sundae, I’ll blend 2 frozen bananas and mix in a big blob of almond butter and some dark chocolate chips. Healthy.

Another option is to give in, have a single portion, savor it and move on. Accept you ate it, and forget about it. The worst thing you can do is throw in the towel and binge on everything in site.

Remember, the key to healthy living is balance.


Bailey Brown is a guest- blogger from and shares health and wellness tips on her Instagram account @bodybybailey as well.


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