How to cure a hangover

02 May 2013

Hangovers. They suck, don’t they?!

If you’ve never experienced on you are very, very lucky. If you have had one you know how incredibly bad you can feel. So why is that when you are hungover you just crave greasy, unhealthy food, get wicked headaches feel and like your mouth is the Sahara desert?

Two reasons. One is dehydration and the other is how our bodies react to alcohol. Without going into too much crazy science talk, I’ll explain it the best I can so you know how booze affects you and ways to prevent hangovers and also the best remedies.

  1. Dehydration. Why is that when you drink you end up peeing so much? This is due to alcohol being an inhibitor of a specific hormone that regulates water retention in the body. So the response you see is that it release water through urination, resulting in multiple trips to the toilet in a night. This ends up dehydrating your body, which can result in dry mouth, thirst, headaches, and dry skin the following day. (That is why hydrating is SO important while drinking, but hey, you already knew this, right?)
  2. Lower blood sugar levels. When you drink, the alcohol lowers your blood sugar, which makes you hungry. As humans we are predisposed to reach for foods that are very energy dense. These are high fat content foods. Sadly, junk foods are extremely high fat, but it’s not the correct fats for your body and will only make you feel worse. How many times have you gone for that greasy egg and bacon breakfast and only felt worse afterwards? Your body needs the energy (sugar) to replenish the low blood sugar levels (and also needs hydrating, which you can mistake for hunger) so you turn to food, but turning to incorrect foods can make you feel worse.

tumblr_inline_mngz1rWCPL1qz4rgpSo what are the best foods to have to prevent and cure a hangover?


–       Water. You’ve heard it before and I’ll repeat it again: you must drink water in between drinks. I know this is tough and many times you just want to get drunk, have fun, and relax. But you will end up paying for it the next day. Try to down 1L of water during your drinking.

–       Coconut water before bed. Coconut water is high in potassium, which helps our body stay healthy and regulates normal water balance. It’s also very hydrating, so downing a bottle prior to bed can help beat the dehydration the next morning.

–       Eating a proper meal. Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do as the alcohol will be absorbed immediately into your blood stream, causing you to get drunk quicker (yes, I understand sometimes that’s the goal). You will lose inhibitions, will more likely end up eating junk food, and have a worse hangover. Stick to nutrient dense meals while drinking.tumblr_mgg5kxGKO21rkzzpdo1_400


–       Water. Repeated because you are dehydrated and even if you are not, your body needs to be cleansed as you have been drinking a ton of toxins.

–       Peppermint tea. This will help with those bad stomachs and helps flush out toxins again. It is refreshing and a much better choice than coffee, which is a very acidic food that in turn will make your blood sugar rise and crash very quickly, making you feel worse.

–       Eggs. They contain sulfur, which helps cleanse your liver (where the alcohol is broken down). Try having two scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, along with a side of cooked spinach, and a piece of rye bread.

–       Thick rye or pumpkin seed bread. The denser (heavier/chewier) the bread, the better it is for you and the more nutrients it has.

–       Green juice or smoothie. Treat your body with serious love and down a pure green juice made from cucumber, broccoli, fennel, celery, lemon, ginger and an apple. You will get so many incredible vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will help cleanse your body and rid it of toxins. If you don’t have access to a juicer, make a green smoothie with a banana, fresh or frozen spinach and broccoli, berries, almond milk, and any superfoods such as liquid chloropyl or chlorella, macca powder, and cacao powder.

I know it’s nothing new and no magical cure but I hope it cures your hangover (or prevent it!) next time you go out!



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