How To Deal With a Bad Day

13 Jan 2016

It’s 2016 and that means it’s time for the new year, new you, new beginnings and new thoughts. As we turned the corner into yet another 365 days, we are expected and expect of ourselves to begin afresh. We tell others our goals, our dreams, and what our resolutions will be for the next year and how our life will be better than before. Now I don’t know about you, but I was excited for this year. I mean, after 2015 and having some pretty big ups and downs, I was definitely ready to get going on what I hope to be a better year. I started the first week off with a massive bang and then it seemed to crumble (in my mind), which has left me feeling a tad disappointed that this year might not be what I hoped. Yet, what people see on my social media channels is that I’m flying high and everything is amazing. While I definitely will say that in this first 13 days of 2016, I have accomplished more than I thought I would, it’s also put in me a place that it’s a bit hard to tell what exactly my reality is. Is reality what others see I’ve done and accomplished? Or is reality what I believe to be true?

This got me thinking tonight about the expectations that we put on ourselves and how hard it can be to truly sit back and appreciate what we accomplish as individuals.

Let share a little bit more about this. In the first week of this month, I was invited on Access Hollywood Live to present about my 5 Day Detox app and share some detoxing tips for viewers. Billy Bush decided he wanted to do my detox and I was then invited back for the reveal a few days later. He had amazing results (click here to see!) and I was utterly stoked that I was able to share my program which I know helped him feel better. In that same week, I manifested going to the Golden Globes and I was invited by an amazing company, Hearts on Fire, where I got to mingle with so many awesome people. These, teamed with the fact that my book- I mean, MY BOOK (!) comes out in a few months… it seemed like the world was in my favor and things were going onwards and upwards after a pretty rough ending of 2015.

Then the second week happened. I got sick, and I know that everyone goes through this so it’s not a big deal. However, that coupled with not feeling good enough to workout has led me to feel a bit down. Then I found out I wasn’t mentioned on the Greatest 100 list of Most Influential People in Health and Fitness this year and this made me feel pretty down. Add on some conversations with my book publisher that makes me super fearful that my book will not sell as much as I hoped it would, a relationship that I was really excited about going south, and not making as much money as I needed to, and I can say I don’t really feel as good as I did last week.

Now, by no means am I sitting here complaining or trying to put myself down, it’s just been an interesting time to have such an amazing week, followed by a not so good one. It’s made think a little bit about this expectation that we put on ourselves to always do good, be better and how hard it is to really see the amazing things that we do. Others have looked at my career and I am getting comments up the wazoo of how crazy well I’m doing, yet it’s so hard for me to see what others compliment me on. So this goes back to my question on what exactly is reality.

It seems so hard for us to take a moment and truly be proud of who we are. I mean, how many times have you done something amazing whether it was getting promoted, getting into the school of your dreams, acing a test, or helping someone in need, and not given yourself the full credit you deserve because you are then aiming for the next thing? It’s happened to us all for sure. It’s so hard for us to take a deep look at our own life and be genuinely proud of who we are and what we have accomplished. That’s because we put so much much mental effort into achieving something that when it finally happens we are already aiming for the next thing.

So does this make our reality something that only others can see, or is this something that comes from when we take a deep look at ourselves and become aware of the greatness of who we truly are? I don’t know answer, as much as I wish I did, so really all that I can say is that it’s made me become a little more aware that I  need to stop and smell the roses. I need to be present in my own life and stop comparing myself to others. So what that I didn’t make the Greatest list? I mean, it’s the first time that Oprah has been on it… and so what if my book doesn’t make it to the New York Times Best Seller off the bat, I still have achieved something that many dream of and that is a book deal!

As I write this, I realize that I’ve had a not so good day. But instead of focusing on all of the bad things that happened, I have decided that I will choose to focus on what good has happened in my life. I will make my reality that of what others see in me. I will be the person that the think I am, because really, I believe that IS the reality. I have accomplished more than imaginable and I should be damn proud. Just as you should be damn proud of what you have done. We are what we think, therefore we should believe in the truth of what others see in us. It’s time to stop the self judgement that we are not enough, that we have not accomplished enough; instead realizing that we are everything and more of that of which others see.

So those are my rambling thoughts tonight. I share this as an intimate moment into my mind and how to deal with a bad day. It’s scary as hell to put these thoughts out there, but I do so because I know it will help me overcome my negative self-talk and at the same time hopefully show you that no matter how bad of a day, week, month or year that you’ve had, it’s all in up to you to change the way you think about how amazing your life has been. And hey, if you don’t think you are living the life that you want- then why not make a change right now to become the person you want to be?!

All my love, Nikki

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