How to Start a Workout Routine (by guest blogger)

03 Dec 2013

by Bailey Brown

Exercise is undeniably good for you- It’s great for stress relief, heart health, giving you a hot bod, and releasing endorphins. Thanks to Elle Woods, we all know that endorphins make people happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands. So because we all don’t want to kill our husbands, boyfriend, best friends, whatever, lets discuss how to get your booty in gear and start a workout routine


1. Get Out Your Vagenda. Betches love to make lists and make plans. I call this a Vagenda. Mine is a Hello Kitty day-planner, sue me.  At the start of each week I schedule in my workout days and plan what I’ll do when I’m there. This way I don’t end up ellipticalling, watching Real Housewives, not breaking a sweat. Write it down. Show up. Work out.

2. Spice It Up. The best workout plans have a mix of strength and cardio. Trying workout classes is a good way to find out if you look ridiculous doing Zumba, and would prefer to run for cardio OR vice versa. Classes are also a great way to learn moves with weights, until you’re ready to challenge yourself on your own. Yoga and pilates are great for strength and stretch too! If you don’t belong to a gym with classes, get an 8 year old to show you how to use this thing called GOOGLE. You can find great workouts online!

3. Get Cute Workout Clothes. I’m not saying go out and spend a million dollars at LULU Lemon, but if you look cute at the gym, you’ll be more motivated to go. You may even be motivated to show off by running an extra mile, or stretching seductively in front of the beefcake on the squat rack. My faves for cheap workout clothes are PINK by Victoria’s Secret, even Target, Forever 21 and Joe Fresh!!

4. Find a Partner in Crime. This backfires sometimes because its SO much more fun gossiping and pretending to do crunches on a stability ball. If you find someone who has similar goals to you, and will keep focused, this is a great way to make working out more fun and keep you accountable.

5. Don’t be a Psycho! This ones really serious. When starting a workout routine its easy to be like, “A’ight Im’ma GTL all day er’ry day!” This leads to people injuring themselves and getting exhausted. Your body needs rest days. Exercise should always be something you do because you love your body- not because you want to punish it!! So ease into it!

Now get off your computer and give me 20!


Bailey Brown is a guest- blogger from and shares health and wellness tips on her Instagram account @bodybybailey as well.


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