How To Take A Great #Selfie

20 Dec 2013

Move over Kim K- there’s a new selfie queen in town!

So why am I the selfie queen and why do you care? Well, quite simply  because it means I know how to take a good picture and I can give you a few tips on how to take an epic selfie and look good in every picture.

I’ve been a model for many years and have learned how to take a good picture, but only after hundreds and hundreds of hours of practicing, doing and more practicing. Suffice to say, no one is a natural born model, knowing their angles and how to pose. Quite the opposite actually, when I started modeling, my photos were top notch…and not in a good way. haha.IMG_0728

Did you know the word #selfie became Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013?

The best pictures are the ones you can see yourself and know if it’s a crap photo or not. It’s pretty much like looking in a mirror, which c’mon don’t lie- you pose in front of when you think you look hot!

So you want to become good at taking selfies? Here are my biggest tips:

1. Learn the angles of your body. This means going in front of a mirror (with phone in hand of course) and figuring out if you look best with your body straight on or if you should turn 45 degrees. Does your face look better tilted to the side, cocked up, or with one shoulder up towards your face and other one down? Does your stomach look nicer if you flex or slightly suck in? Do your legs look better if you cross them, parted, or one hip cocked up? Learning the different angles is absolutely key to a good photo.


For me, I look better when I create an S shape with my body or take a photo in the mirror with hips slightly back and protruding my chest, it gives my hips a better shape. I also know that my face looks better when I turn it to the side and look at the camera rather than front on. How do I know this? Practice!

2. Use a photo timer app or video on your phone. This is a huge secret I’m sharing with you all. When I’m taking a selfie that’s not in the mirror, it’s by using Timer App (free) or using the video on iphone and doing a screen shot when I play it back and find a pose I like. This way, you’re still always seeing what you do, what looks good and it makes the photo look more creative.


3. Decide on what area of your body you want to show off and stick with it. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone post a selfie where they are trying too hard. That means perfect makeup, hair is ah-may-zing, best. swimsuit. ever, 20 inch heels and filters to enhance everything else. (I’m not naming names… Kim) If you want a picture of your legs, then do a blur effect to make them the focus point. If your stomach is for show, wear some sexy workout clothes, put your hands gently on your hips and work it (remembering #2 of course), but in the photo you post, cut out your head and feet.

Most pictures of my body I post I take in the morning before I’m wearing any makeup, hence why my face is not in the photo. The best thing: these photos get reposted on IG/Tumblr the most.


4. Stop being vain. You might laugh at this one and actually tell me I’m the one being vain, considering I have a whole account on Instagram dedicated to selfies. However, you must realize that most people don’t want to see your selfie. If you want your picture to get lots of likes/comments or be reposted you must stop  making it about you. People want to be motivated, inspired and have something to look up to. So while you may think you look so hot holding your Bacardi breezer blowing kisses at the camera, it’s not a photo that is going to get reposted because it doesn’t motivate others. Megan Fox’s body? Yes please! You and your best friend looking flyyyyy in the club? Not so much. Think about the photos that you post on your own account: they are typically ones of fashion, bodies you aspire to look like, food you want to make, something that makes you laugh or motivates you, etc.

My selfie account has 17,000 followers… the best part of it is that I don’t care if people comment, like or repost the picture. I post them for myself and enjoy taking them for myself. However, I know that many of the photos get reposted because people aspire to get a body like mine and therefore it’s not ‘about me.’ It’s about me showing off my hard work and making it known to people that you can get a body like mine. That’s why those body photos get reposted, whereas a picture of my face never does.

5. Use various applications to enhance your photo.
A cool photo has a few key points and that is good lighting (whether you fake it or not), good composition, and something eye catching. Some of my favorite photo apps are: Pro HDR, Camera +, Be Funky, InstaCollage and Overgram. I swear by them. Become a master at photo apps and you’ll blow the competition out of the water with your epic #selfie. I use all of these to enhance light, make  my skin look more tan, create a black and white photo, or place 2 or 3 of me in the picture to create something interesting. One of Nikki? cool…. Three of Nikki? even better! Never post a photo ‘as is’ when you take it. You have a much better chance of getting comments if you make it a bit more interesting and enhance colors a bit.

I use Overgram to ‘watermark’ my photos but small word of advice: your photo is less likely to get reposted if it says your name on it. I do it on photos I know will get reposted, but it looks vain to do so.  I know you think your food picture is beyond amazing and every.person.ever needs to see it (and that it is YOURS) but trust me, it doesn’t look cool when your name is on it.

So I hope that you enjoy these tips for become a master at taking an epic #selfie!

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