Inspiring Interview With Fitness Model Charlie de Haas

19 Feb 2015

I am so happy to share my recent interview with the amazing Charlie de Hass, who is a health coach, speaker, fitness model and the creator of some amazing treats called #charliesballs. She has recently introduced some decadent slices, cakes and pro muffins, all of which use natural ingredients and look insanely good. She lives out in Australia, a place that I used to call home a few years ago, and she is inspiring thousands with her motivational posts on instagram, words of love and wisdom and daily insights into her life.

Check out the interview below and get to know this beautiful girl inside and out!

Nikki Sharp: It seems like you are so busy now, which is amazing. How do you balance everything with work, being physically active, and taking time for you?

Charlie de Haas: Normally I find the gym & training, walking and running my way to relax, to take a time out. However at the moment Im suffering from fatigue (Im giving my business 200% +++), so instead of intense training, Im focusing on my yoga practice daily, meditation and morning beach walking. Its about listening to your body.

NS: What would you say is the most important aspect of living a healthy life?

CDH: A healthy mindset. Starting with cultivating Self love & gratitude.

NS: I know that you competed in a fitness competition. Can you tell us more about that? It seems like such hard but rewarding work!

CDH: I did! Several, and did really well. At the time it wasn’t nearly as competitive as it is now. It becomes more about a mental challenge rather than physical. I highly commend anyone who does it. My only recommendation… find a good coach. Someone who understands hormones and the effects after competing. charlie-de-haas

NS: What are your personal fitness goals now? Will you compete again?

CDH: I am hoping to do the 100km in 24hr walk/run towards the end of the year. Last year I finished a full marathon; 42km in 4.5 hrs with no training (I decided one week earlier). To be 100% honest, I would like to honour my body and focus on my yoga ability.

NS: You promote a wonderful sense of health coming from within and share tons of inspirational quotes with your followers. Was there a certain point in your life that you understood this?

CDH: Yes. I believe we all have that point, some sooner, some later. I suffer depression and through a toxic love, I hit my rock bottom. What I also found is that it generally doesn’t happen overnight, we create bad habits, bad relationships and bad lifestyles that lead to our breaking point. Now, its about crowding out those bad habits with good habits, such as morning walking every day to take a little ‘me’ time to mentally prepare for my day, to truly appreciate the sunrise, and just trust that everything will always be ok. Because if I have learnt anything, it always will.

NS: You are now sharing skin care secrets on your website. Did you ever have bad skin? And what would your top skin care secrets be?

CDH: I have the worst skin! A condition called Acne Rosacea. This is caused from an internal digestive issue and can also be hereditary but is extremely difficult to treat. #1 skin care: Water. I know you’ve heard it before. But instead of trying to get 2L, aim for 3L per day (most people don’t realise how much caffeine they are consuming which has a dehydrating effect). In a few short days you will notice a difference.

NS: You sell amazing looking bliss balls. How did you discover that there was a big market for this and people would buy them?

CDH: #charliesballs…kind of just happened. I was holding a seminar about living a life you love and an attendee sampled and said you should sell these. So I did. With over 10years business development background I found it easy. And 10 months later I have 45 stockists nationally and online sales, with some {VERY} exciting projects processing. But the real secret…do the work. Regarding the market, I based it around my own findings. I used to consume Protein bars daily, until I started to research the ingredients and also suffer from digestive pain, so I wanted something natural. The brand belief is Be real, not fake. So only real ingredients are used that your body can understand. I felt there was a market missing between; chocolate, protein bars and superfood products.Love Balls front

NS: For people looking to get started to selling their food in local cafes, what advice do you have?

CDH: Trust your brand. Know your why. For me, its not even really about the product, sure you have to have a good product, but its you that the cafe owner buys, your energy, your support, your knowledge and most importantly your passion. They can feel it. So know your why, inside out. I truly believe with every essence of my heart that every time someone buys a Clean Treat product, together we are making a small healthy change in the world. For example, when you have a chemical laden chocolate bar, you feel guilty (bad energy for those around you), most people think ‘oh well I’ve ruined my good eating day’ and have another, and some, like myself tend to over work in the gym putting pressure on my internal hormone system, so that one little chocolate bar has created a not so good day mentally and physically (I am aware some people can have 1 per day with no issue at all). A #charliesball or Clean Treats product is designed gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and vegan so you can have 1 and feel GOOD. You can nutrient time them perfectly pre workout and your body will tell you you’ve had something it can understand and process, there will be no guilt.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.03.54 PM

NS: We all have good and bad days in life, times when we are not as fit or eating as healthy, and periods when we feel bad about ourselves. What advice would you give to people about these times?

CDH: Take a break. We live in a world where ‘busy’ is perceived success. Are you actually busy? Productive? Make time for the small things. Every Sunday (self love Sunday) I have a non negotiable date with myself. I am the CEO of my life, this is to check in, see how Im feeling, what I did good (nothing is ever bad) last week and what I can do better next week. Its a phone free time, its just for me. I usually create a yummy treat and have an afternoon Romcom (I am a hopeless romantic) to relax my over active mind. You can choose something you love, read, walk with nature. Sit and enjoy a herbal tea. Just do something for you. If your bad days are getting to be a few in a row, reflect on the situation, is it love, friends, family, food, exercise, work? Something needs to change. And only you have the power to change it.

NS: Speaking of advice, what advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

CDH: Stop trying to be someone else. I always wanted to be taller, thinner, a model. I never felt good enough. I didnt love my self to see that I am uniquely imperfectly perfect. (Now I work with teenage girls to cultivate this).

NS: What is your greatest achievement so far?

CDH: Hmm, this is a tough one to contemplate. I have to say a couple of things. #1 Making more time for my family, putting in more energy & effort to show my love. #2 Meditation…challenging my own mind. #3 creating a business and world of my own (I sometimes think I live in my own dreamland).

NS: I personally always get this question and I think it’s fascinating to hear other’s responses. What do you normally eat in a day and are you very strict with your diet?

CDH: Well, Im sure you can imagine and know what its like working with ‘healthy’ products all day! I am an all or nothing person (just my personality type and it works for me in business, not for…ah, food). I am terrible when it comes to taste testing, so much so Ive named this a #occupational hazard. Today however, Im trying to give my body a break as mentioned so Im off gluten, sugar, and caffeine.

Egg white (1 full organic egg), avo and kale omelette. Nuzest Protein shake with Nuzest Good Green Stuff and Green Tea X50.

A chicken, beetroot, broccoli salad (also had for dinner) with green beans, chillli & kale. Mixed nuts.

Snacked on 2 carrots (having your own business is stressful; if you crave ‘crunch’ food, this can be a sign of stress).

A chobani yoghurt.

A chamomile and apple tea with Rice Milk. Oh and a decaffe coffee with coconut oil because I like to pretend 😉

NS: Tell us something interesting about yourself!

CDH: Im an introvert and an extrovert. Some days I broadcast everything via social media, and want to tell the world EVERYTHING. Other days, I am hiding away from it all 🙂 Im also a nerd. I LOVE LOVE books. One of my favourite things is to go to the library and search for a good read. Inspiration, business, romance novels…I love them all and hope to have my own library in my home.

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview with fitness model Charlie de Haas, her passion for life and helping others and getting to know this wonderful lady. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her website!

 Xoxo, Nikki

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