Interview With Organic Burst

22 Sep 2014

I have been using superfood powders for a while now and love answering your questions about them. I recently did this post about the in’s and out’s of these awesome powders- Click Here to read it. Organic Burst is one of my favorite brands and I was thrilled when Ekaterina, the founder/creator of the brand agreed to do an interview with me for the site. Have a look below. Xoxo, Nikki

Nikki: Hi Ekaterina! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me. As you know, I’m a huge fan of your products and have been using them since I started my clean eating journey two years ago.

Ekaterina: Hi Nikki, it’s such a pleasure and thank you for the kind words – so happy Organic Burst has been a part of your amazing journey.

Nikki: I know that superfood powders are becoming the new ‘in thing’ and everyone talks about them. Why do you think they have become so popular?

Ekaterina: I think it’s because they are so effective! Our customers tend to shout about the benefits of taking our superfoods to their friends, online and on social media. On a daily basis we get such incredible reviews of the health and beauty effects, some are very touching. People constantly recommend and share their amazing experiences of our superfoods and it has become a real snowball effect!

The main reason they work so well is because they are nutrient-dense wholefoods created by the nature itself as opposed to synthetic supplements made in the lab – our bodies “understand” these natural whole foods and through scientific studies we now know that their amazing nutrients are very well and quickly absorbed. You don’t need to wait for several months to feel the effects of our superfoods – many of our customers feel alive and awesome quickly after taking them! And taking our superfoods is so much fun – each of our products has a track record of being cherished for millennia by indigenous people: maca has been cultivated and taken by the Inca tribe, spirulina was a common source of protein used by the Aztec who made cakes out of it, baobab has been cherished by African communities since the trees first grew there.

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Nikki: What made you decide to create a brand of superfood powders? Was it something you always wanted to get into?

Ekaterina: Not initially, I worked in the City before creating Organic Burst, I came across superfoods at a time when my health was suffering as a result of a stressful lifestyle, and I was astonished by the benefits. I just wanted to tell everyone all about these amazing superfoods, and encourage more people to take control of their health. The other side of my superfood journey is that I am passionate about sourcing ingredients from ethical organic producers to help develop the local economies and communities, as well as preserve biodiversity – a win/win for all.

Nikki: Your Instagram page (@organicburst) is so colorful and such wonderful recipes. I had no idea that you could do so many amazing things with your products!

Ekaterina: Thank you so much. Absolutely – every single day we are amazed by the creative recipes that our customers and bloggers create with Organic Burst!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 2.29.16 PM

Avocado ‘ice cream’ using Organic Burst by @tallulahalexandra on Instagram

Nikki: Is there any specific recipe that you like the most or create on your own often?

Ekaterina: I’m in love with my green veggie juice that I drink each morning. It’s normally cucumber, celery, kale, spinach with OB Wheatgrass powder. I’m also a fan of blitzing frozen organic blueberries with some maca, crunchy almond butter and coconut yoghurt.

Nikki: Being in the health world, I get tons of questions on just about everything- including superfood powders and if I eat them. What is the most frequently asked question(s) you get?

Ekaterina: The most common question we get is whether you can take all our superfoods together – and actually it is an awesome question as our whole range has been selected with synergy in mind! This means that all the nutrients in our superfoods work to enhance the effects of one another. For instance our spirulina is an excellent source of iron and baobab of Vitamin C. So when you take them together in a smoothie the synergy of these nutrients enhances the absorption of iron.


Nikki: What advice would you give to people just starting off with a clean lifestyle and/or using superfood powders?

Ekaterina: I’d recommend increasingfresh vegetables and fruit, eating a lot of raw and vegan foods to crowd out anything processed or refined. Starting each day with a cup of warm lemon water is a fantastic habit that kickstarts our natural detoxification and digestive processes. When it comes to using superfoods, look at ways you can incorporate them into your daily routine – if you already make juices and smoothies, then this is the perfect opportunity to stir in some extra nourishment. Maca is wonderful if you’re trying to cut down on coffee because it energises naturally. If you’re embarking on a detox, take our chlorella because it supports the liver, in removing pesticides, heavy metals and alcohol from the cells.

Nikki: Well my lovely, thank you SO much for taking the time to answer my questions and I’m sure your answers will help my followers with choosing the right products for them.

 Don’t forget to check out Organic Burst’s instagram and website.

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