Into The Wild- Animal Style

12 Dec 2014



Purse- Celine     Leather Jacket- Jitrois     Jean Jacket- Oasis     Jeans- Rag & Bone     Shoes- Rag & Bone

Today was one of those days that I felt like a caticorn. Get it? Cat. Unicorn. Caticorn. I’m clever, I know. Haha.

Anyways, it was a cloudy and chilly day in Los Angeles and so that meant layers, layers, layers. I personally love the normal sunshine that LA offers, but it is quite nice to switch it up and wear my “winter” clothing. I realize that most of you are going to hate me as I say that this is my winter gear because you are probably not in LA, and most places are kind of cold this time of year.


I decided to work from a cafe, so I strolled down to my favorite spot in Venice- Abbot Kinney. This is where all the cool kids hang out. I don’t really fit in with the cool kid scene though, what with my blondie blond hair, red lips and Celine bag. Definitely more suited for a different area of town, but alas, I still love acting like a cool kid. So it was a day of working from an awesome coffee shop, enjoying the cooler weather in LA (although I may or may not have complained a few times about how cold it was) and taking pictures with the caticorns of the city.

With Love, N


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