Juicing? What’s The Deal

13 Jan 2014

As many of you know, I’m a huge advocate of juicing. However, not the juicing that you’re probably used to. I have a few issues with what is percieved to be a very healthy thing and I wanted to explain why, how to get the most out of your juices, and what it’s like to do a 1-5 day juice cleanse.

Juicing has recently become on of those buzz topics that everyone seems to want to be a part of. Just yesterday I was walking down the beach and the people in front of me were mentioning kale and if they’ve had it in their juices. Now let me get something straight here, juicing is an absolutely amazing way to flood your body with nutrients that you might not otherwise get. However, juicing too many fruits will spike your blood sugar and can lead to excess fat.

So what’s the good, bad and ugly with juicing?



Juicing is an excellent way to increase your vitamins and minerals. Juicing has been a form of medicine for hundreds of years and only now is it getting good press as to all the benefits. If you are feeling sick, need an energy boost, or looking for some preventative health care then get yourself a juicer or go to a local juice bar and get your fill of veggies. This is one of those ways to help cleanse your body, clear bloating, get better skin, ward off cravings, increase energy and is an amazing way to help reverse many symptoms of various cancer and diseases.juicing1


So it sounds like juicing is the best thing ever for our bodies then… well, slightly wrong. Unfortunately, people are used to juicing too many fruits, which will not have the same benefits of vegetables. Juicing removes the fiber; and when we eat fruit and vegetables, we need the fiber in order for our bodies to most effectively process the sugar and keep our blood sugar levels from spiking and dropping . The fiber is what keeps our insulin levels stable and when you do remove the fiber your body will get a quick hit of sugary goodness (i.e. energy), but then crash just as bad as if you were to have a candy bar. While vegetables can affect this as well, fruit juice is pretty harsh on the body. The problem is that fruit tastes good. Not many people want to have a juice of only kale, celery, cucumber and lemon. So my recommendation for this is if you are juicing to keep a 3:1 ratio of green vegetables to fruit.


Many people assume that juicing is the best way to lose weight. Sadly I disagree with this because you will be losing water weight, however you will gain it back as soon as you start eating normal food again. Do a juice cleanse doesn’t teach you the necessary ways on how to eat long term and I don’t believe in quick fixes. Think of it this way: as quickly as you lost it will be as quickly as you gain it back. Juicing (mainly vegetables) is an incredible way to help kick start you into feeling better, however I believe in juicing for health, not weight loss. Don’t get caught up in a number on a scale, think about how much energy you have after your juice!

So while juicing does have some incredible benefits there are definitely things to be aware of.

Now juicing long term. I have done a variety of things such as having one juice a day as a snack, trying it for a day, two days and five days. Of all of these, I do not recommend doing it longer than one day at a time. I know for some people it might work to do this, however I think that giving your body a kick start is exactly what we all need and you can do this by juicing for a day. Just remember that you may see a slight weight gain after you juice day because of the water loss then retention.

You can check out my juicing videos here: 24 hour cleanse review and 48 hour cleanse review

I’m currently doing a day long cleanse by Nekter Juices , followed by normal eating for a few days with an added juice each day for the following week. I will also do one more day of juicing before I begin traveling again, just to boost my body with nutrients prior to flying, which seriously dehydrates the body.

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Hope this helps you to understand a bit more on juicing. I highly recommend everyone juice at least 2x a week for optimal health!



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