Did you keep that promise you made to yourself? To get fit and keep fit?

12 Mar 2015

Let’s start NOW! And have that great bikini body, looking good, feeling good.

The fitter you are the better you feel. It’s widely known that a healthy and more active lifestyle can lead to increased mental and physical performance. You look better and feel better; and you can even use your fitness to help with stress and anxiety, there is strong evidence that exercise can help.

Getting into the exercise habit can be hard for some people, it feels like work, or time is short and a trip to the Gym just never happens, or a bad day ends up a none exercise day, because exercise seems like effort, work, a job on the ever growing to-do list. Exercise isn’t work, it’s a treat for your body and mind, you just need to get the habit and your exercise time will feel like your treat time, me time, special time.

If your days are stressful, treat yourself to some exercise to wind down, if you days are sitting at a desk or simply not moving around much, treat yourself to some exercise which gets your whole body moving and stretching. If you have been rushing around and active all day, treat your body to TLC exercises.


Where to start? Set a goal for your body fitness, take a photo for the start of your fitness journey, so that you can see how well you are doing. That’s the end goal, but the first goal is to learn to enjoy your fitness time. What exercise you do and how you do them can be anything in the First Step to your fitness goal, because your first step is to change from thinking of your fitness routine as a chore to looking forward to it, you will be amazed how quickly get hooked on your ‘fitness treat time’.

Join the ‘fitness treat time’. Take your photo today, decide on your end Goal. Block off your daily ‘fitness treat time’, decide what exercises you will do to start you off; and start NOW!

Let us know how it goes, share the things you did to help you get in the ‘habit’; we can publish your great ideas, so you can help others get from fitness as ‘work time’ to ‘treat time’.

The Goal for March? – Love my ‘Fitness Treat Time’.

Team StaySharpBeStrong

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