Being a Monk vs Living Life

19 Sep 2014

I recently went to Whole Foods and bought some of their organic shampoo and conditioner. I love to know that I’m purchasing products that have less chemicals and are better for the environment- when money allows it. So I got home, tried the products out and hated them. Okay, maybe it was a fluke, so I washed my hair two days later (I don’t wash my hair everyday as it strips the natural oils from your hair which are essential to prevent breakage). Second time around the products were no better and left a greasy film over my roots. I ended up taking them back and buying my go-to product of Pantene Pro-V which I know is not a ‘health’ product or good for the environment.

Which lead me to start thinking about the whole clean and healthy lifestyle I lead and what it means when I don’t buy everything ‘organic, natural, healthy’ etc. Does it mean I’m a fraud? Does it mean I don’t care about the environment? Does it mean I’m sending the wrong message to my followers?

These thoughts plagued me for a few days before I decided to write this post. I realize that many of us want to help save this beautiful earth of ours, save animals from being tested on, or just put natural products on our own bodies. Whatever your reason is for buying organic products, it’s totally cool and fine by me. However what happens when you don’t WANT to buy these products? Does it make you a bad person? HELL NO!

I personally love certain products that I’ve been using for years (such as Pantene Pro-V, no matter how many hair dressers tell me how bad it is, because it works on my hair!). I love Benefit mascara, Revlon lipsticks, and normal non-organic (and insanely expensive) nail polish. I have come to realize that it’s totally okay that I’m not a raw vegan who avoids anything made with animal products. It’s okay that I love fashion and am willing to spend a lot of money on a purse but hate something organic that I put on my body. I love drinking beer- god forbid it’s not gluten free and I enjoy having cake when I’m with friends.

There’s a strange thing going on in the health world and it seems like certain groups like to make you feel bad for living your life a certain way. Now I’m all for supporting many groups, but I don’t like pressure when it comes to telling me I am a bad person if I don’t live by their standards. We are all different, beautiful and unique individuals. A product that I love you might hate and vice versa. That’s why I don’t really recommend too many products, because I might love them and they might be expensive but it doesn’t mean they are the right thing for you.

I personally have found that it is TOTALLY OKAY to be into fashion and health at the same. Yes they might be conflicting, but it’s okay. It doesn’t make me a bad person. Nor you. It makes us awesome individuals because we love things in our life. We have passion about whatever it is that makes us smile. It makes me sad thinking that I have to have this 100% pure, organic life when in fact I love traveling. Yes, traveling is HORRIBLE for the environment but it gives me pleasure to visit all the amazing countries and see new cultures. It brings happiness into my life and fulfills me as a person.

The point of this post is to tell you all that you do not need to be a monk who meditates all day, fasts, eats only raw food and never buys anything animal related. As long as you are on your own journey and passionate about your own things then it’s completely okay to enjoy the things that make you happy. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad for something such as the type of products you buy.

I hope this post resonates with you because I know for me it’s been something conflicting in my mind for a long time.



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