Lose Fat With These Workouts

15 Oct 2013

There’s nothing worse than the thoughts of having to spend two hours in the gym to see the results you want. We’ve all been there, thinking that we must dedicate so much time in order to look good and feel great. However, this is unrealistic and eventually (or rather soon), you will end up burning yourself out because spending that much time working out is just not maintainable.

That’s why I have created a weekly round up of the workouts that I do to see optimal results in a short period of time. They are all about high intensity interval training that you can do in your home, gym, a park, or just about anywhere. No weights are required and all the movements will target specific areas of your body to get you toning up, losing fat, and feeling your best.

DIRECTIONS: For each of these workouts, it’s best to repeat them 3x, taking a 30 second break in between each set. Use the exercises from Full Body Workout in week one, the exercises from Power Workout for week two, and the 40/10 Circuit for week three. Repeat the routine 3-4x per week for optimal results.

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Enjoy these workouts and if you have any questions on how to perform each movement check out YouTube for loads of videos and how-to’s.



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