Miami Life Update

20 Jul 2021

Hello my loves,

I’ve now been living in Miami for ONE YEAR! I kind of cannot believe it as it took me listening to my higher self to leave an on-off relationship of six years, move from London to Miami in the middle of the pandemic, where I only knew one person (and we had never even met IRL). I knew my friend Giusuppe from the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership community (part of the reason I joined was to have like-minded friends all over the world), where he graciously offered me to stay at his house for a bit to see if I liked the city.

Moving here during the pandemic was actually wonderful as it meant I learned the soul of the city, as I call it, or the bare bones of what this place is like without all the glitz, glamour, significance, or busyness. Miami is known for great restaurants, fancy cars speeding through South Beach, Art Basel and of course being a huge tourist attraction as well.

I’ll share more in another post about what happened during the past year, as it really has been nothing short of a miracle (that all happened because I chose to trust in myself and the decisions I was making). For the moment though, I wanted to give a little update as to what Miami is like now, one year later since the pandemic as it was one of the few cities open in the world and how it is for me living here.


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Miami Life

Living here is nothing short of amazing. Of course, like all places, there are its ups and downs but for the most part I think what Miami offers is very special. And this is coming from the girl who has lived all over the world. Things I really love are the following:

  • Miami is anything you want it to be – you can dress up, dress down, be fabulously gay, or straight, you can literally have the best time no matter who you are here
  • Beaches are beautiful – my favorite area is on 60th at Miami Beach as there’s less people
  • Food options are excellent – whatever you could want, it’s here
  • Nightlife is a total vibe – I don’t go to clubs but the options for live music bars and great cocktail spots are amazing
  • The city is stunning – sunset is my favorite time and makes the city pretty dreamy
  • There’s always something to do – exploring new areas, the beach, restaurants, boating, this city has it all
  • Easy to travel from – the airport is very close and you can get to LA, NYC, London all within one easy flight

Before moving many people told me that Miami was sleazy and super touristy, meaning it was either dudes in Ferrari’s or terribly dressed people spilling onto the streets in South Beach while being overly drunk. The thing is – both are true haha. But there is also SO much more to this city. There is culture, there are people from all over the world who have their communities, there is a meal that fits any taste you have. And of course – people are friendly! This is one thing that I appreciate, especially as it makes the vibe of the city quite calm.

A few things I don’t love quite as much:

  • It’s hot…all the time. I know, I know – I live in Miami, but I do enjoy colder weather from time to time
  • Everyone came here during spring break and it seems they haven’t left
  • Tourists are pretty rude and dont respect Miami, leaving it trashed
  • There are literally the worst drivers – hands down Miami wins for this
  • Restaurant reservations need to be made far in advance for nice places


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There are so many incredible things this city has to offer and it’s no surprise to you all that I love it even more now that I’m living with my fiancé. I absolutely recommend traveling here when you get a chance – just a side note, do you research prior as restaurant reservations for example book up SUPER quick!

ALSO – I’m thinking of doing a VIP weekend for a select number of people who want to learn from me and get 1:1 access. Let me know below if you’d be interested and I’ll contact you!

AND – if you want me to do a full Miami guide, drop a comment below.



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